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In the NBA, it was a momentous night for Kobe Bryant as he and the Lakers headed to Philly for a long road trip.  The Sixers have been hot this year, posturing themselves for a top seed in the Eastern Conference.  It was another hard fought game against the Lakers.  Lou Williams had a fantastic 24-point night, and Andrew Igoudala had an amazing hook shot you have to see to believe.  But even though the Lakers fell to the Sixers, the story of the night was that Kobe climbed ahead of Shaquille O’ Neal to become the 5th All-Time Leading Scorer in NBA History.  Kobe still needs about another 10,000 points to catch Kareen Abdul-Jabar at #1, but its still quite a brilliant accomplishment.  Congrats to Kobe.  Philly 95, LA Lakers 90.

Elsewhere in the NBA, there is an emerging star in New York.  It looks like the first ever Asian American player, Jeremy Lin, graduate of Harvard, might actually be a legitimate role player for the Knicks.  Lin was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, but soon released and sent to the D-League.  Lin thrived in the D-League, and was given a second shot with the Knicks.  And he has taken advantage of the opportunity.  Last night against the Utah Jazz, Lin ran the offense brilliantly, putting up 28 points and 8 assists to boot.  He was in control out there.  Head coach Mike D’Antoni said it was nice to know that if he drew up a play, with Lin, there was actually a good chance it might work.  Keep your eye on Jeremy Lin.  NY Knicks 99, Utah 88.


Finally, in the NFL, just one day after the Patriots lost to the Giants, there was some more salt thrown in the wound.  If it wasn’t bad enough that Brady lost his 2nd Super Bowl to the Giants, his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, went public saying, to quote, “My husband cannot f – – – – – – throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times”.  Now, she may have a pretty decent point, but those type of lines won’t sit well in the Patriots locker room or organization.  Either way, despite her comments, it’s very likely that the Patriots will make some major moves in the off-season, using their 4 top-two round draft picks to bolster their defense, and get Brady some more weapons for the remainder of his career.

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