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The big day was finally upon us.  Super Bowl Sunday, where we were treated to the much anticipated match-up between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  Yes, an East Coast Showdown.  Four years ago, these to two teams squared off with the Patriots as heavy favorites.  But, the Giants spoiled their perfect season, and won their first Super Bowl since the 80s.  The Pats were looking for revenge against the Giants this time, but this Patriots team isn’t as good as the the 07-08 squad.

The first quarter started off in interesting fashion for the Giants.  On the Pats first posession deep in their own territory, Tom Brady looked to go long and hurled the ball 50 yards down field.  But there was nobody around.  That’s called intentional grounding, typically a 5-yard penalty, but when the QB is standing in the end zone, that’s ruled a safety, and the Giants were up 2-0.  Then, Eli and the Giants got the ball back, marched down the field, and Manning hit Victor Cruz for a touchdown.  And just like that it was 9-0 Giants.  The Patriots got a field goal on the next possession, but their strength is offense, not letting their defense win the game for them.  They needed to score quickly.

In the second quarter, it was a pretty slow game, and the Pats couldn’t get much productivity from their two star tight-ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, but the Patriots had a beautiful drive toward the end of the half, capped off with a touchdown grab by an unlikely target, back-up running back Danny Woodhead.  That was his first touchdown catch of the season.  The Giants got it back, down 10-9, but elected to just call it a half and head into the break down 1.  Time for Madonna.

Then, in the second half, this battle really started to heat up.  Brady knew that he needed to get his offense going if they were to hold the Giants in check.  So he marched it down the field and hit tight-end Aaron Hernandez for a touchdown.  That made it 17-9 Patriots.  The Giants got it back, and were getting some decent production from their star receiver Hakeem Nicks, but they couldn’t get in the end zone and had to settle for a field goal.  The Pats couldn’t do anything after that, the Giants got it back, and posted another field goal to make it 17-15.  Now we got ourselves a ball game.

Late in the 4th quarter, Brady and the Patriots had a chance to put the game away, especially when Brady tried to hit Wes Welker for a deep pass that would have put them in the red zone (a place that the Pats are quite comfortable).  But, in an unlikely event, Welker dropped the ball, and the Patriots had to punt.  And remember, you can only give Eli Manning so many chances to fail before he will finally pull through.  And that’s exactly what he did, tossing a beautiful pass to Mario Manningham between two Patriot defenders.  It was purely amazing.  That put them at around midfield, they kept pushing and pushing until they got to a 1st and goal situation.  It pretty much looked like they could run the clock to under 10 seconds and then kick a field goal to win the game, but in a genius move, Bill Belichick and the Pats LET THEM SCORE.  Ahmad Bradshaw got down to the 1 yard line and didn’t know if he should go in or not, so he just fell in, giving the Giants the lead, BUT a full minute to Tom Brady.  Not a good idea, and Bellichick was going try and win it with his offense.

Brady got the ball, tried to hit a long pass to Deion Branch, but he dropped it too.  The Patriots had butterfingers last night.  Time was ticking, and then Brady got sacked.  They had one last chance — Tom Brady threw up a hail mary to the end zone, and Rob Gronkowski ALMOST caught a deflected ball.  But it was just a few inches beyond his hands, the ball hit the ground, and the Giants won the Super Bowl.  Eli Manning was the MVP with 296 yards and a touchdown.  You can now make the case that he is an elite quarterback (with two Super Bowl wins).  Both Manning brothers will surely be in the Hall of Fame.  NY Giants 21, New England 17.

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