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In the NFL, some great news for Peyton Manning.  After suffering a neck injury, resulting in a serious surgery.  That ruled him out for this season, and many wondered if he would ever play again.  Thursday, it appears that team doctors (as well as external doctors) have approved Peyton Manning to continue his NFL career.  Now, if Peyton actually is fully healthy, he’s still a Top 4 quarterback in the NFL.  Nobody sees the field like Peyton Manning.  After all, he pretty much operates as the offensive coordinator on the Colts — reading plays at the line, and has full authority to audible without checking with the staff.  He’ll definitely be playing next year, but the question is where.

There is some other news that could answer that question.  Andrew Luck, the likely overall #1 pick in the NFL Draft, went on record yesterday saying that he wanted to play right away in the NFL.  If the Colts do pick him, it’s most likely that they will want to appease him, which means that Manning shouldn’t be around.  And benching Manning in favor of Luck just doesn’t feel right.  Imagine if Luck comes out and throws 2 picks in the first half, do they bring in Manning?  And if Manning, throws 3 touchdowns in the second half, do they start Andrew Luck in Week 2.  That QB battle would certainly raise a lot of issues.  Anyway, Luck’s statement suggests that Manning is most likely headed out of town.

In some Super Bowl news, Patriots genius coach Bill Belichick did something unprecedented in practice the other day — something that had the media raving.  What did he do?  In order to simulate the flow of the game as best he could, Belichick simulated… the halftime show.  Yep, after the guys were all charged, Belichick had them head into the locker room and sit there for the full 30 minutes.  Obviously, there was no halftime, but he wants his team as prepared as possible for the game-time situations on Sunday.  The players loved it, saying they needed to know how it felt to stop and start again.  When you’re raging in the first half out there, it’s easy to lose your momentum during a 30 minute break.  Belichick wants his team just as ready and hot in the second half as they are in the first.  Never before in the history of practice has a coach simulated a halftime break.  But this may be the reason that Belichick gets his 4th Super Bowl ring with the Patriots.


In the NBA, the Chicago Bulls edged out the New York Knicks, at Madison Square Garden, Thursday night. Carmelo Anthony had the chance to even up the score at 105 to end the game, but was unable to hit a deep and covered 3 to send the game to overtime. He ended up with 26 points and six rebounds on the night. After not playing well in his last game, reigning MVP Derrick Rose came up big in the bright lights of New York with 32 points, four rebounds and 13 assists. And the biggest part of Rose’s game was when he came up with 15 points in the fourth quarter. The Knicks came up a little short even with Amare Stoudemire’s season high 34 points and 11 rebounds.


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