In the NBA, it was that time of year when Kobe Bryant and the Lakers visited LeBron James and the Miami Heat.  Normally, this is much ballyhooed fare, but the Heat are tied for 5th in the Eastern Conference right now, and the Lakers are trying to find their identity.  Plus, LeBron was battling a fever prior to this game, but hey, when the Lakers come to town, you have to get on the court or be criticized for the next few weeks.  So, LeBron did get out there, and he had an amazing night with 31 points, as the Heat beat up on the Lakers from the get-go.  The Lakers didn’t even have a chance.  They need to go back to LA and figure out how to utilize Kobe Bryant outside of Phil Jackson’s triangle-offense.  They need work.  Miami 98, LA Lakers 87.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder are rolling right now, save for a fluke loss to the Washington Wizards Wednesday night.  But there has been speculation since the end of last season that point-guard Russell Westbrook might be headed out of town.  This was exacerbated when Westbrook was spotted verbally sparring with Thunder star Kevin Durant.  But, after their recent run, and visible proof that this young team is truly jelling behind stars Durant, Westbrook, and James Harden, the Thunder realized they absolutely need Russell Westbrook to stay in the blue and orange.  So they signed him up for an $80million deal.  The number of years hasn’t been disclosed, but they certainly have intentions to win multiple championships with this team.



Finally, in some very sad news, half-pipe skier Sarah Burke died yesterday from wounds she suffered in a serious ‘superpipe’ injury.  She hit her head, rupturing an artery that sends vital blood to the brain. She had been in the hospital the last week in an induced coma, and yesterday she died in her sleep after she went into cardiac arrest.  Her brain damage was irreversable and it just wasn’t something anybody could survive.  Burke was only 29, and was favored to be a gold medalist in the 2014 Olympics.

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