In the NBA, the Miami Heat have had a tough start to the season.  They’ve been on a 3-game losing streak and have also yet to win the road.  To add to the bad, they would be without Dwayne Wade on the road against a tough San Antonio team.  But, this would be the game they would finally turn it around.  LeBron James was an absolute monster against the Spurs, posting 33 points and 10 assists.  There was simply no answer for James, as the Heat scorched the Spurs.  With the win, the Heat are hoping to get on track to getting that #1 overall seed in the eastern conference.  This HAS to be their year.  Miami 120, San Antonio 98.

, In the NFL, it truly looks like the Indianapolis Colts are completely overhauling their team.  After a putrid 2-14 season, the new owners are getting rid of Jim Caldwell.  Caldwell had been the coach of the Colts the past few seasons.  He was appointed head skipper soon after Tony Dungy retired after winning a Super Bowl.  Caldwell was Dungy’s right-hand man, and was long-considered to be Peyton Manning’s “Guy”.  But, this season, Caldwell showed what kind of coach he is WITHOUT Peyton running the show.  Yeah… he’s disposable.  And now, with Peyton’s career in serious jeopardy after a neck injury, the Colts are cleaning house and paving the way for the Andrew Luck era.  Is Peyton the next guy to get shipped out of town?

Finally, in some other NFL news, the remarks are already flying between the Giants and the 49ers for the NFC Championship.  First off, Victor Cruz said that the Giants can’t be beat.  He says that they’re excited about playing the Niners because they like how they FEEL about them, that they think they can win.  Cruz said that the Saints would have been tougher, and the Giants are happy to be playing the Niners.  Additionally, Niners tight-end Vernon Davis said that he was PRAYING the Giants would beat the Packers, so the Niners could host the NFC Championship Game.  The Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle said that Davis should be careful what he wishes for because the Giants are coming for him.  This game is going to be terrific!

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