The main attraction last night:  The BCS Championship in college football between the #1 LSU Tigers and the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide.  This year was different than other BCS years because these teams already played each other earlier in the year.  And nobody likes to see a rematch in the National Title Game.  Except, in this case.  LSU and Alabama certainly were the appropriate 2 teams to play in this bowl.  LSU won in Alabama earlier in the season, but it took them into overtime to do it and they only won by a field goal.  Given that Alabama won out the rest of the way, a rematch was fairly in order.  Plus, the team that people think got shafted, Oklahoma State, barely beat Stanford in their respective bowl game.  The BCS computer got it right this time, but as always there is controversy and the BCS is meeting to think about revising the way the Championship game is played.

So, how would it all go down? Both teams have brick wall defenses, and there were AT LEAST 10 NFL players on that field last night.  These two schools have the best recruiting probably in the whole nation right now.  The first half was as expected (i.e. anything but a scoring fest).  However, Alabama was able to get the ball moving a little bit, while LSU was completely stuffed.  Alabama would head into the half with a trio of field goals, which is actually a pretty big lead considering how hard it is to score on LSU.

People thought that LSU would turn it around in the second half, but again, Alabama came to prove to the world, on National television, that their loss to LSU back in November was an accident.  They continued to completely stifle the LSU offensive attack, only allowing LSU to cross the 50 yard line once in the entire game.  They simply couldn’t do anything.  Then, on an Alabama punt, LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu (the Honey Badger), the guy who had all the headlines for the SEC, got completely smashed to the ground.  They absolutely ripped him apart, tired of all the press he’s been getting all season.  A late touchdown by Alabama Heisman candidate running-back Trent Richardson would seal the game, and give Alabama their 2nd National Championship in 3 years.  Amazing!  Alabama only gave up a grand total of 92 offensive yards to the Tigers.  A remarkable achievement.  Congratulations to head coach Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.  Alabama 21, LSU 0.

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