On Monday Night Football, it was a classic rivalry between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.  This rivalry has been rather mute the past 15 or so years, as this was much more of a heated hatred in the 60s, 70s, and 80s (or when the Redskins were good), but since Washington has been pretty putrid for a while, the rivalry has calmed.  However, this year, the Skins are 2-0 and have some mojo to them.  Could they take out Dallas and a banged up Tony Romo in a packed Cowboy stadium?  The Skins defense kept Dallas in check, as Romo didn’t connect for even 1 touchdown pass.  But… Romo did just enough to move the Cowboy offense and get 6 field goals from kicker Dan Bailey.  The Skins had one last chance on a two-minute drill, but the stout Cowboy defense forced a fumble and recovered.  Ball game.  With the win, Dallas moves to 2-1, pushing the Super Bowl favorite Philadelphia Eagles down to last place in the NFC East.  Dallas 18, Washington 16.


Everyone thought that when the Red Sox got hot back in May that they were a lock for the World Series.  Except nobody would have anticipated their recent slide.  They are truly playing like a sub-par ball club right now, and have opened the door for the blue-hot Tampa Bay Devil Rays to make the playoffs.  The Rays edged the Yankees last night behind some solid RBI’s from Johnny Damon.  Now, the Devil Rays and the Red Sox are tied for the Wild Card spot.  Just a month ago, the Rays were 9 games behind in the wild card race; they never thought they would catch up.  Well… they might get in the playoffs, and once you get there, as we learned last year with the San Francisco Giants, anything can happen.  Tampa Bay 5, NYY 2.

Finally, some more baseball news.  After 8 seasons with the Chicago White Sox, the organization has finally decided to part ways with their loud mouth manager Ozzie Guillen.  Guillen did win a World Series for the White Sox, which is something they hadn’t accomplished in a very very VERY long time.  But, at this point, after a few disappointing years (and probably rubbing A LOT of people the wrong way), they’re saying bye-bye.  Technically, they didn’t give him the money they wanted and they let him go, but they were pretty much done with this guy.  Now, it’s practically official, Ozzie will go to Florida to be the coach of the Marlins (who will change their name to the Miami Marlins next year as an effort to rally a fan base around a new focused Latino fan base at a new stadium.  You can now add hiring a extrovert Latino manager as a marketing move).  At the least, it was a nice run for Ozzie in Chicago.

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