The major story out of the NFL:  The future of Michael Vick. 2 years ago, the Eagles signed Vick to a 2-year contract.  In his first year, he primarily studied behind Donovan McNabb and tried to get back into primo shape.  And last year, he exploded and became one of the premiere quarterbacks in the league.  The Eagles decided they couldn’t risk EVER losing Vick, so they locked him up for a 6-year deal worth $100 million.  One must remember that Vick was in jail just 3 years ago.  He got out, and went on a long journey towards recovery and character rehabilitation.  Now he’s worth $100 million again.  Just amazing!  There is a bit of an outcry, however, that Vick should use some of that money to help animal rights organization (given his dog-fighting past).  Either way, we can get used to seeing Vick in an Eagles uniform for a while. 

And in college football, Texas A&M has publicly come out and said they intend to leave the Big 12 conference.  This conference was already being dismantled with powerhouse Nebraska bolting for the Big 10 and Colorado headed to the Pac 12.  But Texas A&M is leaving for one primary reason — following in the footsteps of  their rival, the Texas Longhorns. Recently, the Longhorns announced plans to have a ‘Longhorn’ TV channel.  This channel will talk nothing but Univ. of Texas sports (primarily football and recruiting) and further push Texas as the flagship athletic program for the state.  After all, if recruits can expect to be televised constantly, that’s great exposure to pro scouts.  Of course they will opt for Texas over other programs.  Now Texas A&M wants to head to the SEC.  Even though they will be less competitive there, they know that it’s a good financial move as they SEC yields terrific national ratings.


Finally, the new line-up for Dancing With The Stars is OUT, and it features some exciting athletes in the mix.  First up, Ron Artest (aka his new name Meta World Peace).  This is perfect for Artest, given his quirky, try-anything personality.  But the more exciting contestant — the goalie for the U.S. Women’s World Cup team:  Hope Solo.  Solo was the darling of the Women’s World Cup.  She’s beautiful but also intelligent, strong, and extremely competitive.  She’s clearly a perfect choice for the always rigorous sport that is Dancing With The Stars.


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