In the NFL, the game of the weekend featured Drew Brees and the Saints attempting to get into rare form versus the Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders are flying below everyone’s radar this season, and feel that they may have a comeback year left in them. Brees looked fantastic out there, distributing the ball equally among his many MANY receivers.  And we also got a first look at Saints 1st round draft choice, former Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram out of Alabama.  He muscled his way into the end zone, as did his running-back cohort Pierre Thomas.  The Raiders, on the other hand, had their own reason to celebrate as their passing game didn’t look half bad.  They have a few young guys coming on including Jacoby Ford, Danarius Moore, and Derek Hagan (who weaved his way to a touchdown).  The great news is, the NFL is less than two weeks away.  New Orleans 40, Oakland 20.


Elsewhere, some news out of the NBA.  With the lockout in full force, the players have had to keep themselves busy.  While some decided to play overseas, other guys are just enjoying the local basketball action.  For example, Kevin Durant played at the famous Rucker Park in New York City, where he dropped 66 points — including 5 straight 3-pointers.  His highlights made it on Sports Center, and now other stars want to get in on the action.  Now it looks like they’re all headed to Baltimore in what will be a thriller of an exhibition game.  On one team, Kevin Durant — on the other, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony.  And this is going to be at a local court. For some people, this will be a thrill of a lifetime, doling out passes on their local neighborhood court to LeBron, Chris Paul, and Carmelo.


And, some exciting news out of the Little League World Series.  Typically, Japan is dominant in this sport, which features the best of the best of the World’s baseball youth, but this year they would have to face a pesky team from California.  The game was a low-scoring affair, but in the 6th inning, the coach’s son, Nick Prato, came up to bat with a man in scoring position.  At first, Prato said he was very nervous, but then he calmed himself and treated this game just like any other:  He told himself to just “look for a good pitch”. And boy did he find one, smacking the ball over the second baseman’s head.  That’s all they needed to bring in the winning run, and California takes home the Little League World Series crown.  California 2, Japan 1.


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