In college football, the penalties for the enormous scandal at the University of Miami are starting to roll in.  Just yesterday, Miami ruled 13 players ineligible until they are let back in by the NCAA.  And among those players, was their quarterback Jacory Harris, who was revealed to be one of the players who received major gifts.   Harris has been in the spotlight the last few seasons as a young quarterback that was supposed to ignite the Miami program.  He did to some degree, giving them a very mobile quarterback who could pick up big yardage.  But during the off-season, Harris found himself in a quarterback competition with the back-up.  Now that decision is going to be very easy for the coaching staff as Harris isn’t even an option.  It’s going to be rough for the Miami program for quite a while.

And in the NFL, we got a real thorough look at Cam Newton in a Carolina Panthers uniform as they took on the Cincinnati Bengals.  There was a great play early on, when Newton couldn’t find any receivers, he simply took the play into his own hands, like college football, and ran it in 20 yards for a touchdown.  He even broke a few tackles at the end to get in the end zone.  But, other than that, Newton’s passing didn’t look so good.  He went 6 for 19, for just 75 yards.  It’s typically difficult for mobile quarterbacks to stay poised in the pocket.  This guy likes to RUN, and that’s what put him on the map at Auburn.  Now, the coaching staff is going to have to get him comfortable in a traditional NFL offense, but they also have to embrace the type of player he is.  A perfect mix of organic ability and coaching can make for an incredible quarterback.


Finally, some amazing news out of baseball.  The Yankees made history Thursday with a remarkable feat against the Oakland A’s.  The Yankees were trailing 7-2, but,.. it wouldn’t finish that way.  They not only put up 20 MORE RUNS — they did that by hitting a record-setting 3 GRAND SLAMS in the same game.  It’s remarkable to even see one grand slam, yet alone 3 in the same game.  The pressure on a hitter to smack a home run in a bases loaded situation is quite stressful, so to see 3 different guys do it is truly shocking.  The home runs came from Robinson Cano, Russell Martin, and Crutis Granderson.  The Yankees have a very strong team this year, and they are going to be tough in the post-season.  NY Yankees 22, Oakland 9.


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