In the NFL, there has been a huge amount of drama circling Tennessee Titans star running-back Chris Johnson.  He’s been holding out and not reporting to camp, and the reasons are simple:  He wants a new contract, and, more importantly, wants to be respected by the Titans organization for his success.  Remember, these running-backs know how disposable the position has become, and Johnson is one of the few remaining running backs that will receive almost all the carries during the game.  Johnson understands that has value, and if he gets injured this season for whatever reason, there is no way he will see a hefty contract next year.  The Titans organization said they refuse to offer him a deal with the “way he’s acting”.  Now the two parties have decided to let bygones be bygones (up until this point) and actually get together in the same room.  This doesn’t mean he’s ready to play, but at least they’re putting all their issues on the table.


In women’s college basketball, some very sad news.  Pat Summitt, head coach of the University of Tennessee’s Lady Volunteers (or Lady Vols) is one of the most influential people in the history of not only women’s sports, but sports as a whole.  She has over 1,000 career victories, and has earned, count ’em, 8 NCAA Championships.  Not even Duke’s Coach K has that many.  It was reported Tuesday that Summitt is battling the early onset of dementia, a debilitating disease.  Summitt said that she still intends to coach next season, but will rely heavily on her coaching staff.   This is more than a brave move, it illustrates incredible courage in the face of adversity… which is Summitt’s way.  Who knows, maybe Summitt will nab one more title before she officially retires.

Finally, in some NBA lockout news — LA Clippers superstar Blake Griffin has landed another job during the lockout.  No, he’s not going to Europe or Asia to play basketball, he’s going to intern… at Will Ferrell’s comedy website Funny Or Die.  Griffin said he’s a big fan of the site, which shoots original comedy shorts with celebrity talent.  He’s going there to learn production and help them shoot various series’.  Funny or Die’s head of production said that Griffin will be treated no differently than any other intern.  He’ll have to do all the grunt work that they do, because, after all, Griffin is about the same age as most of them — 22.  Griffin said he’s not above doing that type of work.  He’s fine with fetching coffee.  Then again, Griffin’s stint only lasts a week, whereas the other interns may have to fetch coffee for years.


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