In the NFL, a special Monday Night Football pre-season game between the New York Giants and Chicago Bears.  When these two teams met in last year’s regular season, the Giants absolutely crushed the Bears — repeatedly sacking Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler.  The Bears were looking for at least a semblance of revenge to regain their dignity, but they simply didn’t get it.  The Giants came out strong and their defense was all over the Bears again.  The Giants running-game was in full form too, seeing strong efforts from all their guys, namely Brandon Jacobs, who had 48 yards and a touchdown and is poised for a comeback year.  However, even though the Giants ran away with a motivating win, they were actually the losers last night, as they lost starting corner back Terrell Thomas to a season-ending injury.  That puts them in serious trouble in their secondary, with their star draft pick, cornerback Prince Amukamara, out until October.  They’re going to need to score a lot of points this season, because their defense will be vulnerable.  NY Giants 41, Chicago 13.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the supplemental draft was finally upon us.  The only thing the media cared about, however, was the future of Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  Pryor wasn’t selected until the 3rd round and it seemed like destiny when the Oakland Raiders selected him.  Most likely, Pryor will ride the bench in Oakland for a while behind starting quarterback Jason Campbell.  He’s late to camp, which doesn’t give him the opportunity to learn the playbook and practice with the team in time for the season.  So it’s almost a guarantee that Pryor will be holding a clipboard this season.  But, for the future, this could actually be a very beneficial pick for the Raiders.  Pryor is a super athletic, mobile quarterback, and, with proper coaching, could  be a legitimate QB in this league.

Finally, some funny news out of college football.  There are many in-state rivalries in college football, and they typically play annually over the bragging rights to own the specific special trophy awarded to the winner of that game.  For example, the Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama.  This trophy is rather elegant, sleek, and classic, featuring a football with a player on top.  The winner of the inner-state battle between Iowa and Iowa State receives the Cy-Hawk trophy (Cyclones & Hawkeyes).  It used to be just a football… and an old fashioned running-back.  Very classic, very simple.  Now, they have introduced a new trophy, and it is being panned by almost everyone in the state.  The new trophy features a farming family gathering around husks of corn.  It’s being criticized for being, well, cheesy.  The state says they know what the authorities were ‘going for’ with that imagery, but it just doesn’t scream football.  You can most likely expect a serious redesign soon.  Here’s a look at that new trophy.


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