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In the NFL, the New York Jets have been one of the more hyped teams this off-season.  They missed making the Super Bowl last season by just one game, and that was only because they choked a little bit in the 4th quarter against the Steelers.  They have retooled a bit, adding big wide-receiver Plaxico Burress, and they wanted to showcase their brand new look Sunday night against a lowly Cincinnati Bengals team. This is exactly what they did.  Plaxico Burress had 66 yards on just 3 receptions.  This shows that he is going to be that deep threat they’ve been looking for.  He even hauled in a touchdown pass on a diving catch.  Needless to say, he looked GOOD out there.  They also got a surprise performance from unknown running-back Chris Jennings.  Jennings carried the ball 4 times for a whopping 81 yards.  The Jets are going to come out fierce this season, and teams had best beware.  NY Jets 27, Cincinnati 7.

Elsewhere in the NFL, some very sad news.  In what should have been a fun, harmless pre-season game between a local rivalry — The San Francisco 49ers vs. The Oakland Raiders, it turned into a violent affair.  A fan, after the game, wearing a F*** The Niners shirt, was shot several times in the stomach.  Fortunately, he was able to crawl to a security guard and plead for help.  He remains in serious condition in the hospital.  This shooting, over a meaningless sporting event, comes on the heels of the  horrible violence that occurred in Los Angeles when a Dodgers fan severely beat a Giants fan in the parking lot.  This has got to stop, it’s abhorrent.  Police still have no suspects from the football game shooting.

And finally, Monday is the NFL’s supplemental draft.  This draft typically comes and goes without making much headlines, but all cameras will be watching to see which team lands former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  Pryor was forced to leave school for violating NCAA rules, but had he stayed, and entered the NFL draft legitimately, he most likely would have been a first round pick.  Pryor, who just a few years ago, was the hottest football quarterback coming out of High School, will finally see his professional football career come to fruition.  The draft order has not been determined yet, and will be done via lottery just minutes before the draft begins.


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