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In golf, this weekend marked the final rounds of the PGA Championship.  This was yet another chance for Tiger Woods to prove that he is, in fact, STILL the greatest golfer alive.   Tiger didn’t even make the cut for the weekend.  He finished out of the Top 100 for the first time EVER in a major tournament.  So, with him out of the picture, it became a battle between two young guys trying to make a name for themselves.  It all came down to a duel between rookie Keegan Bradley and Jason Dufner.  Dufner had it for most of the final holes, but then Keegan Bradley launched an incredible comeback and won it in the end.  This gives Keegan Bradley his first major.


In baseball, things always get exciting when a player is on a hitting streak going.  Earlier this season we saw the Dodgers Andre Ethier launch a long career, and recently, the Atlanta Braves Dan Uggla cruised to a 33-game hit streak.   Uggla was an unlikely candidate considering his low batting average of .173 before the streak began.  Yesterday, the Braves took on the Chicago Cubs and Uggla hoped to make it to 34 games.  And, to make a point, this is really REALLY hard to do.  It’s a distinguished honor to be on the hit streak list.  Uggla had a beautiful shot to shallow right, and then Cubs 2nd baseman Darwin Barney sprinted to right field and made an insane diving catch to mark Uggla out.  Uggla was sure he had that hit and Barney’s amazing fielding effort was a complete surprise.  And that did it for Uggla — his streak ended at 33.  That makes him tied for the 19th all-time hit streak in baseball history.  But it’s hard to imagine that anybody will ever catch up to Joe DiMaggio’s hit streak of 56.  Then again, pitching wasn’t nearly as difficult when DiMaggio did this in 1941.


Finally, in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers have a bit of a pickle at the quarterback position.  As of now, they’re going into Week 1 with their former #1 overall pick Alex Smith.  Smith has been a consistent disappointment to the organization, but they have so much money tied up in this guy, that they’re still hoping he has what it takes.  As an insurance policy, new head coach Jim Harbaugh drafted Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a speedy QB who can run and has a cannon arm.  But, he is just a rookie.  So Harbaugh thought he would give an old veteran face a tryout.  That’s right, Daunte Culpepper is going to get a shot with the 49ers.  Culpepper has been out of the league since his 8-game stint with the Detroit Lions in 2009, and has been earning a paycheck as quarterback of the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions.  Now Harbaugh said he will give Culpepper a chance with the quote, “We’re gonna kick the tires, see what happens”.  Maybe the Niners will get the same luck that the Rams did when they gave Kurt Warner a shot — a guy who came from the CFL.  That year, the Rams won the Super Bowl. Ok, this may be wishful thinking but that’s the fun of pre-season. Anything is possible!


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