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In the NFL, we all know that Randy Moss retired recently after 13 NFL seasons.  The media recently interviewed former Vikings head coach Brad Childress, who brought Randy Moss back to Minnesota hoping to give Brett Favre a deep threat and maybe salvage their 3-6 season, why Moss’ time in Minnesota was so short.   After just 4 games, Childress cut Randy Moss.  Why?  Childress claims that Randy Moss became a locker room nuisance and completely ruined the chemistry of the team.  But, many experts feel that the problem all along was Coach Childress — they practically quit on him early in the season.  Supposedly, he’s not a very nice guy.  Either way, even though he’s retired, Randy Moss is still receiving phone calls from teams to come out and play.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Jets recently let go of their former #1 receiver Jerricho Cotchery.  Cotchery used to be their go to guy a few years ago, but the recent influx of talent in New York (i.e. Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress) made Cotchery disposable.  Another Super Bowl contender thought they might have some use for Cotchery:  The Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers recently let go of Antwaan Randle El, and had a roster spot.  With their star receiver Mike Wallace recently suffering an injury, and their all-star veteran Hines Ward getting VERY old, they needed another guy to help their offense.  Cotchery will get a new beginning in Pittsburgh, and possibly help them get back to the Super Bowl.

Finally, Thursday… football was BACK.  It was only pre-season action, but it was great to see the guys out there playing hard on the field.  Some notable highlights — the Seattle Seahawks did not look good with Tavarias Jackson as their QB.  Plus, their star offensive tackle, Russell Okung, was carted off the field with an ankle injury.  Needless to say, their offensive line might be dreadful this season.  But, over in New England, the Patriots were simply ON FIRE!!  They put up over 40 points, and got a marvelous performance from their 4th round draft pick QB Ryan Mallett from Arkansas.  Everybody passed on Mallett during the draft, but he was a spectacular college player, and it looks like Bellichick’s drafting skills are seriously paying off.  And remember, these are the Patriots’ BACK-UPS.  Brady didn’t take a single snap, OchoCinco wasn’t on the field, and Haynesworth didn’t dress.  When these guys come together, they will be very very dangerous.  Seattle 24, San Diego 17.  New England 47, Jacksonville 12.

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