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In the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens have added a significant name to their backfield signing longtime Miami Dolphin Ricky Williams.  Williams is definitely in the tail end of his career, but when they needed him to produce in Miami, he did.  He’s perfect when you need some clutch yardage on 2nd or 3rd down.   Remember, Williams was once a superstar in this league.  The Ravens recently let go of Willis McGahee, who acted as a backup to Ray Rice.  But having a bigger body like Ricky Williams to back him up will make the Ravens a significant threat when trying to punch it in during goal line situations.  Baltimore is on a mission this year to finally get back to the Super Bowl, and Ricky Williams will play a major role in that quest.


In some rare news during an NBA Lockout, we got to hear from an old friend:  LeBron James.  Yesterday, LeBron went back to his hometown of Akron to participate in a bike ride for education.  He has taken an active role in the community with a stress on education, helping institute what he calls ambassadors (i.e. older kids to help the younger kids get through school).  Also, it has become apparent that LeBron is working out with former Houston Rockets great Hakeem Olajuwon.  Olajuwon, thought by many as the best center in the past 25 years — even more than Shaq, is showing LeBron his myriad arsenal of low-post moves.  If LeBron can develop a low-post game, that could be the final piece of the puzzle that could get him that ring.  LeBron then finished up by saying he’s optimistic there will be an NBA Season, and he will NOT be pursuing opportunities in Europe.


Finally, in some odd news from the soccer world, superpower soccer club Real Madrid has signed a very interesting phenom.  But unlike the signing of then 15 year old Freddy Adu to a million dollar contract, Real Madrid has decided to seek the talent at an even earlier age.  That’s why they have signed 7-year-old (yes 7) soccer phenom Leonel Angel Coira to a contract.  The young boy dubs himself ‘Leo’ as a nickname, very similar to that of his hero Lionel Messi.  It will be a while before ‘Leo’ plays in La Liga, but this contract enables him to go to school in Spain, and get him out of an impoverished situation in Argentina.  It’s  a pretty nice story.

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