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The major story in the sporting world this weekend was from Golf.  It was the final day of the Bridgestone Invitational Tournament.  As a refresher, this is the tournament that Tiger Woods said would be his ‘comeback’ tour.  He said he felt great!  There was a lot of attention on this particular competition because it was the first time Tiger would play in a major World Championship without his longtime caddie Steve Williams.  Tiger had been with Williiams from 1999 and throughout his glory years.  Williams said Tiger fired him over the phone.  Williams got a job right away with Aussie Adam Scott.

Unfortunately for Tiger, even though he said he felt rejuvenated, he did not play like that.  Most of the tournament belonged to Japanese 19-year old golf prodigy Ryo Ishikawa (arguably the ‘next’ Tiger Woods).  There was a Japanese media storm surrounding Ishikawa at every hole.  When Japan has an export to American sports, they take it very seriously.  Ichiro and Dice-K come to mind, but golf is very popular in Japan and having a phenom represent them is HUGE.  Ishikawa finished the tournament tied for 4th place at -12 under par.  Tiger, on the other hand, finished at +1.  Quite unimpressive.  So who won?  None other than Steve Williams’ new employer, Adam Scott.  When Scott officially was dubbed victorious, the applause came raining in… for Williams.  It was sweet revenge.  The cash payout was $1.4 Million, and caddies typically receive 10%.  That’s $140,000 for Steve Williams.  Tiger made only $60,000.  Not too bad to make more than double the money of your old boss.



It was a battle for first place in the ultra competitive AL East as the Yankees took on the Red Sox.  These are two of the best teams in the league this year, and this game was all about ego.  The Yankees had the lead for most of the game behind homers from Eduardo Nunez and Brett Gardener.  Yankees superstar closer Mariano Rivera came in the bottom of the ninth to close out the Red Sox, but a clutch sacrifice fly hit from Dustin Pedroia brought in the game tying run.  That brought us to a very late finish in the bottom of the 10th inning when Josh Reddick hit a single to deep left to bring in the game-winning run.  That puts the Red Sox in first place.  But, there is a very good chance that these teams square off again in the American League Championship Series.  Boston 3, NY Yankees 2.



Finally, in the NFL, some bad news for the New York Giants.  The Giants thought they struck gold when All-American cornerback Prince Amukamara from Nebraska fell in their lap in the middle of the first round.  Unfortunately, Amukamara broke his foot in practice this weekend, and it’s uncertain when he may return.  With a broken foot, you can probably expect that will probably keep him out at least half the season, if not the whole year.  Sure, it will heal, but you never like to hear that your nice new Mercedes has a dent in it.  Hopefully this won’t be career threatening in any way, and will play out as a benign foot injury, but you never know.  And the Giants need all the help they can get this season.


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