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In college football, it’s always exciting to see where the #1 quarterback prospect in the nation will decide to play.  These guys typically become household names over the course of their career, and colleges know that having these guys equates to big money.  Wednesday, the top High School QB in the nation, Jameis Winston went on TV to make a choice.  Jameis’ choices were:  LSU, Alabama, and Florida State.  He’s from Alabama, and many expected him to play for his hometown Crimson Tide.  But, on air, Jameis… donned a Florida State Seminoles hat.  On what he thought Alabama’s reaction might be, Winston said, “Alabama fans are probably gonna hate me”.  Either way, Winston is just another major piece in the Seminoles rebuilding effort to become a national powerhouse again.

In the NFL, New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora has been looking to get out of New York.  Why?  Basically, he’s unhappy with his role with the Giants, but more specifically — his contract.  Umenyiora feels he’s underpaid compared to some other contracts that have been recently doled out for defensive ends.  The Giants said they were allowing him to seek a trade and find a better spot for himself, but just yesterday, the Giants reneged on their offer and said he could NOT seek a trade.  So basically he’s trapped in New York.  This begs the questions — will Umenyiora play hard for the Giants this season.  Typically, when a player is unhappy, he  tends to mail in his effort.  Can the Giants expect Osi to give 100%?  They desperately need it, but after withdrawing their offer to let him seek a trade, Osi is certainly going to have a bad taste in his mouth about the organization.

Finally, in some sad news, former NFL and college football great Bubba Smith was found dead in his California home.  Smith was one of the finest college football players ever.  At Michigan State, fans used to chant “Kill Bubba, Kill”.  Smith went on to be the #1 pick in the 1967, and spent five seasons with the Baltimore Colts.  For non-football fans, Bubba is more likely remembered as Hightower in the Police Academy series.  He also was in a memorable Married With Children episode where he and Al Bundy had a one-on-one goal line stance rematch in the High School hallway.  He was a presence both on and off the field, and will be missed by the sports community.

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