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In the NFL, even though they let go of their franchise quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck and have claimed to be in the rebuilding process, it appears that the Seahawks are quietly putting together a very nice team.  Head coach Pete Carroll is taking this very seriously and has already added quarterback Tavaris Jackson and  former Vikings star Sydney Rice. He has also recently added another key peice to the puzzle by offering a contract to former Radiers stud tight-end Zach Miller.  This is now a developing offense that could cause some serious damage in a very weak NFC West conference. Remember, this team not only made the playoffs last year, but shocked the world beating the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.  The Seahawks… could be a sleeper.

Also in the NFL, many eyebrows were raised when the New England Patriots imported Albert Haynesworth.  Bellichick is a no nonsense coach with his eyes on the Super Bowl every single season.  There are NO rebuilding years for the Pats, and they have recently become a home for talented veterans looking for a second chance.  Bellichick is considered a “genius” football coach and feels like he can use these valuable assets in many ways. This is why people thought that having a me-first player like Haynesworth around might be bad for morale.  However, Haynesworth came out publicly and said that he hopes to turn things around in New England.  If this happens, the Pats just lucked into one heck of a great lineman who could wreak havoc on defenses.  He’s a fantastic player who’s never played for a serious contender before.  And the with OchoCinco in the mix — the Pats could be incredible next year.


Tiger Woods has been out of the limelight as of late.  This is primarily because he’s been injured.  But Tiger is now releaseing statements that he “feels great’ and is ready to win again.  Tiger recently fired his long-time caddie, and replaced him with his childhood friend Brian Bell.  It’s like he is completely trying to shed his old image and create a brand new one post his ‘incident’ 1.5 years ago.  Now, Tiger said he’s focusing his sights on winning the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational tournament.  It’s a smaller tourney, but still large enough to make people take notice that Tiger… is back.  Either way, the sport of golf NEEDS Tiger Woods; he’s big business because it puts the sport on major media outlets, and allows sports experts to analyze his every move.  Golf… wants the public talking about golf, and Woods is the key factor in that desire.


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