It was an interleague match-up between the two best teams in baseball:  The Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox.  Many think that this could be this year’s World Series match-up with both teams boasting a super talented roster.  With that said, the Phillies have been mired by injuries.  But that hasn’t stopped them from keeping their winning going.  These guys have a terrific victory-minded attitude.  They know that if they can just slog through these rough patches in the season, they can get a top spot in the series, and their remarkable pitching staff should lead them to a World Series appearance.  Last night, they got a great game from Raul Ibanez. He knocked in two runs (a single and a homer) and gave the Phils a narrow victory over the Red Sox.  Philly now has the best record in baseball at 51-30.  Philadelphia 2, Boston 1.


And, in the NBA, it was another pivotal day for the Portland Trailblazers franchise.  In 2007, they selected Greg Oden with the #1 overall pick (Over #2 Kevin Durant). Well, he has been injured every year since — either for the entire season or most of it.  Bottom line is… he has never been a factor.  That’s 4 straight years. Many thought they would give up on the experiment and see what they can get from him.  However, Oden is ONLY 23 years old and the Blazers still believe that he will become a top NBA center.  That’s why they offered him an $8.8 million qualifying offer to become a restricted free agent.  This means that he can test the market, but they will have the right to match any offer.  And if they do, he stays.  Then again, if he gets hurt again, that should pretty much do it for Oden in Portland.  And if history tells us anything… you can probably expect that.

Finally, in some crazy news, here’s a new way to look at a sports movie classic.  Charlie Sheen, who we all know had a meltdown earlier this year, has mentioned a new piece of movie history.  Sheen famously played Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the baseball comedy classic MAJOR LEAGUE.  Yesterday Sheen said that while filming Major League… he was taking steroids.  This is wholly unnecessary for a movie of this type, so you have to assume that Sheen thought the role needed an edge.  Sheen said that the ‘roids put another 5mph on his fastball.  He also mentioned that the drug didn’t have much effect except for making him feel more irritable.

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