It’s official:  The Los Angeles Dodgers are broke.  Monday, their owner, Frank McCourt filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  McCourt made a string of bad and unethical decisions while owner of the Dodgers.  He bought mansions all over the United States using the Dodgers money, and basically made the wrong decision at every turn.  He completely stopped caring about the welfare of the team, and only focused on himself.  Fans are outraged by this because it essentially means the team won’t make too many active strides to improve until they get a new owner.  McCourt seriously drove this storied franchise into the ground, and Major League Baseball had to step in and seize ownership of the Dodgers. The case will continue to escalate, and hopefully the Dodgers will be able to turn things around.


More Wimbledon action.  Unfortunately, however, we lost both Serena and Venus Williams i Sn the 4th round.  Serena, who was vying to win her 3rd straight Wimbledon championship, fell to Marion Bartoli.   Note that this is the first time since 2006 that neither Williams sister was in the Wimbledon quarterfinals.  Call it an off year.  And, on top of that, the top seed Carolina Wozniacki was bounced as well.  Wozniacki has yet to win a major championship yet, but many thought this could be her year to possibly take the Wimbledon crown.  This leaves the door open to establish some new legitimate star power in women’s tennis.


And in the NBA, with lockout talks all the buzz in the headlines, all we can really do is focus on the positive and talk about free agency.  Sure, the season may be delayed, but the NBA has one of the most exciting off-seasons in sports.  It’s always fun to see which teams are bolstering their rosters in strategic ways.  Yesterday, former all-star David West of the New Orleans Hornets said he would test out the free agency landscape.  West has been a clutch player for the Hornets, made even better by having, arguably, the best point guard in the game (Chris Paul). But West wants to see what other teams will give him a shot, or possibly join a legitimate contender (the Bulls or Lakers come to mind as possible destinations).  Either way, it looks like the lockout is upon us, and former superstar Charles Barkley said it would take a ‘miracle’ for that not to happen.

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