Thursday is the NBA draft, and a few rumors have been circling.  First off, it seems that the Minnesota Timberwolves were/are possibly talking with the Phoenix Suns about acquiring Steve Nash for the #2 overall pick.  However, sources from the T-Wolves denied this, as did a source from the Suns, president Lon Babby.  He stated, “I have said it a billion times, we are not trading Nash”.  But everyone feels that Nash will not be in a Suns uniform at the start of the season (whenever that is).  He has only a year or two left (kind of like Jason Kidd) and will want to be a part of a contender.  He wants that ring just like every other player.

In other trade talks, it looks like the Sixers Andre Iguodala might be headed out of town.  Iguodala can be a serious force when he wants to be, but he has a tendency to disappear in big games (i.e. the playoffs).  Well, there is talk of Iguodala going to the Lakers for Lamar Odom (and probably some other players).  That would give the Lakers another scoring punch to take some pressure off Kobe.  However, the Timberwolves are also interested in Iguodala, and might give up their #2 pick for him.  Remember, the T-Wolves have a lot of nice pieces in place currently (Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Luke Ridenour, and a bunch of young guys).  Adding Iguodala would give them even more firepower for a playoff push.  They could be the next Memphis Grizzlies-type surprise.


Cliff Lee is on fire right now for the Philadelphia Phillies.  Wednesday, he threw his second straight shut-out.  Lee said that when he goes out to the mound for a start, he imagines throwing a full game.  Most pitchers expect that even in a good performance, they will pitch about 6 innings.  But Lee said he felt like he could go 10 or 11 innings even.  Cliff attributes his success to playing at home (in Philly) where it all started.  Each home game feels like a homecoming to him, and it helps with his confidence at the mound.   All National League teams better beware because the Phillies have no intentions of anything BUT a World Series win this year.  It seems like anything else is inexcusable.  Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 0.

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