It was an emotional day in the tennis circuit yesterday, as Serena Williams returned to the court.  Over the past year, Serena had to take some serious time off to tend to her health issues.  She had two foot operations and had to undergo treatment for two blood clots in her lungs.  That is a lot for someone to handle — even a superstar athlete like Serena.  Yesterday Serena was back in action at Wimbledon.  She was able to beat Aravane Rezai to advance to the second round, and as soon as she did, she buried her face in a towel and cried.  After the match, Serena said, “I usually don’t cry … but it’s just been so hard”.  She said her goal was to actually play in Wimbledon and win at least one match.  Goal achieved.  Now… how far will she get?  Congratulations to Serena.


And in the NBA, it looks like Tony Parker (formerly married to Eva Longoria) may have seen his last days as a San Antonio Spur.  The Spurs are allegedly talking to teams about swapping Parker for a high draft pick. They’ve talked with both Sacramento and Toronto about moving up, and both of those teams could seriously use a solid point guard like Parker.  After all, Sacramento started Beno Udrich at point guard most of the season, and you simply can’t get very far with that guy running the show.  Plus, earlier last season, Parker said publicly that he thought this past season was the Spurs last chance to win a title in the Duncan era.  The team is aging and the league is getting younger.  The Spurs played their heart out, got the #1 seed, but couldn’t beat a young, vibrant Memphis Grizzlies team.  The question now is whom do the  Spurs want to draft?  Most likely, they have their eye on one of the promising European players.

Finally, Pat Riley, the General Manager of the Miami Heat, spoke to the press yesterday about the Heat’s future.  First off, he told them flat out that he would not be coaching again.  Riley said that he had “the fire”, but that he would support their young coach Erik Spoelstra — that it was only his 3rd year and that he would only get better.  Riley mentioned that he would find more help for LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh, but is also excited about the prospects of playing with a healthy Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller, both of whom were hurt for lengthy periods this season.  And then he said that the Heat have no intention of moving up in the draft (as that can be costly) and would try to pick a great player at #31 (the first pick of the second round).  Ah the Heat, they never get old.

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