In the NBA, an important Game 5 between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks.  The series was tied at 2 and everybody was expecting yet another fantastic game.  Every single game in this series has been exciting and come down to the wire.  The main question, would LeBron rise to the occasion or disappear again in the 4th quarter?  The game started out neck-and-neck, but a late 1st quarter hip injury to Dwayne Wade sent him to the sideline.  In the meantime, LeBron tore it up, slowly building his way to a triple-double.  Wade would come back in the second quarter, but left again until midway through the 3rd quarter, and they sorely needed him.
For the Mavs, Nowitzki had yet another great night, with 29 points, but the real heroes for the Mavs were their guards Jason Terry and J.J. Barea.  Both of them put up points — Terry (21), Barea (17), and hit some clutch 3-pointers when it counted.  But, of course, the game came down to the final minutes… again. Would LeBron show up?  The answer:  Not really.  He missed some big shots late, and now has a combined total of 11 4th quarter points in this entire series.  That’s not good for a guy dubbed the league’s best player, and, earlier this month, “Better than Jordan”.  On the other end, however, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry  had two amazing 3 points to essentially ice the game for the Mavs and send the series back to Miami.  The Mavs are now leading 3-2.  Many assume the Heat will run away with Game 6, and we’ll see a Game 7, but don’t underestimate a superstar like Dirk Nowitzki who is just 1 game away from winning his first title.  Dallas 112, Miami 103.


Elsewhere, in college football, with Terrelle Pryor’s career at Ohio State over, he has to now start exploring his professional options.  With the draft already behind us, Pryor may have to look elsewhere.  And it appears that the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders have come calling his name.  However, Pryor immediately said he’s not interested in playing for the CFL and will hopefully take part in the NFL supplemental draft.  That would at least land him in the leagues.  Sounds good, but first Pryor has to be declared eligible for that draft.  If he’s not, he would probably have to play in either the CFL or the USFL.  But once you’re exposed, the NFL might look past you.  Plus, there’s always hot names coming out of college and a guy like Pryor, as talented as he may be, may be forgotten completely.

On the flip side, it looks like overall #1 draft pick Cam Newton, also the National Championship and Heisman Trophy Winner, is getting along famously with his new team in Carolina.  They held unofficial workouts yesterday, and Newton said he’s getting a feel for what their offense will be.  Even so, Newton had to take the time to fly to Washington D.C. to meet President Obama at the White House with the rest of his Auburn Tigers team.  It’s still uncertain what type of NFL player Newton will be, but, so far, the Panthers are very happy with their somewhat risky pick.

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