In the NBA, it was a pivotal Game 3 between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavs had all the momentum after their incredible comeback in Game 2, rallying from a 15 point deficit to beat the Heat in the last seconds of the game.  Now, the series has shifted back to Dallas for the next 3 games. The Heat came out fierce from the get go, and got a solid night from Dwayne Wade (29 points, 11 rebounds).  The Heat are now experienced veterans who know not to get rattled by a bad performance (i.e. their game 2 skid).  They had the Mavs playing from behind almost the entire game.  But, late in the 4th quarter, you simply can not stop Dirk from doing what he wants to do.  Dirk had 34 points on the evening and caught a brilliant back-door pass and got the bucket to tie the game at 84.  Fortunately for the Heat… they have LeBron James, and he hit a clutch jumper to put the Heat up 2.  The Mavs would have one last chance, they went to their man Nowitzki, he threw-up a fade-away shot from around the foul line, and… not this time.  The Heat narrowly escaped another Mavs comeback and take a 2-1 lead in the series.  Miami 88, Dallas 86.


Elsewhere, in the NFL, there might be a lockout right now, but that isn’t keeping Plaxico Burress from looking for a job.  Burress used to be a premeire receiver in the NFL just 2 years ago.  He was even a key component in capturing a Super Bowl title for the New York Giants against the undefeated New England Patriots.  Plax was arrested and sent to 2 years in prison for illegally carrying a concealed weapon, but he’s free now, in what he says is the best shape of his life, and ready to wreak havoc again on the field.  His agent, the almighty Drew Rosenhaus, thinks that Plax will be in high demand once the lockout ends.  There are a bunch of teams out there who could use such a big, tall, talented receiver (i.e. Redskins, Raiders, Chiefs, etc…) and Plax will don an NFL jersey in the fall (assuming there is a season).


And finally, Sunday saw the finals of the French Open in Tennis.  And it was a match of rivals between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.  It was a close match, and most think that Federer played Nadal harder than ever before.  But an improved Nadal was able to beat his foe this time around and capture his sixth French open title.  That gives him 10 Grand Slam Championships and puts him into the record books tying the great Bjorn Borg.  Over the past few years, everybody declared that Federer was the greatest player of all time, but in the past year or so, that opinion is slowly shifting to Nadal.  While Federer is easing into his twilight playing days, Nadal still has a way to go, and there’s a very good chance that we can expect many more Grand Slam wins and possibly declare HIM the best of all-time.

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