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In the NBA, it was the home debut for the New Jersey Nets newly acquired Deron Williams.  They sent away Devin Harris and major rookie prospect Derrick Favors to the Jazz to obtain the all-star.  Williams was brought in to reignite the spark of the franchise.  And in front of his home crowd, Williams did not disappoint.  He finished with 13 points and 18 ASSISTS!   He really got all the Nets into the game and made them look like a different team.  In the end, the Nets Anthony Morrow hit 3 crucial free throws to send the game into overtime.  Then, with just a second left, Deron Williams put up a shot to win the game, it missed, but Kris Humphries tipped it in.  Nets win!  Wait, hold on, lets check the replay.  Nope.  Humphries finger was still touching ball with 0 seconds on the clock.  Tough break, but at least a Nets game was exciting.  Phoenix 104, New Jersey 103.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the new-look Denver Nuggets have been scorching right along without Carmelo Anthony.  Head Coach George Karl said this is the fastest team he has ever coached.  Last night against the Hawks, they didn’t even have Danilo Gallinari, who put up 30 points the other night against Portland.  Fortunately, they didn’t need him as the Nuggets soared past the Hawks in the second half.  J.R. Smith led all scorers for Denver with 19.   Expect to see the Nuggets keep rolling.  They all feel slighted or disposed and are looking for blood every game.  It’s very exciting!  Denver 100, Atlanta 90.


In the NFL, the Washington Redskins have finally decided to part ways with Clinton Portis.  Seven years ago the Redskins acquired Portis from Denver in exchange for cornerback Champ Bailey.  Portis has been their starting running back every season, although he has been declining lately.  Bailey on the other hand was just re-signed by the Broncos, so it looks like Denver ultimately got the better end of that deal.  It’s possible Portis will jump on another team as a key back-up (maybe in New York on the Giants) or if he will fade into the sunset like the career of many star running backs.  Either way, he had a pretty good run in Washington, and the Redskins will probably pick up a running-back in the draft to begin their new era.

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