In the NBA, Team USA is trying to find their perfect new national team.  They  invited many of the NBA’s rising stars, but cuts need to be made.  And yesterday, they shed 4 players from the roster.  First up, Tyreke Evans, last year’s rookie of the year.  Evans missed the last two practices and just didn’t have his heart in it.  Then, JaVale McGee, the up-and-coming big man for the Washington Wizards. He’s good, but apparently expendable.  Next up, Gerald Wallace, the star of the Charlotte Bobcats.  He played poorly in the scrimmage, and didn’t have stats up to par.  Finally, OJ Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies.  He’s looked sluggish out there and doesn’t appear to be in tip top shape.  The roster is now at 15, with 3 more to go.


MLS decided to host an exhibition game that pitted the all-stars of the MLS against the mighty Manchester United.  They drew a crowd of 70,000 people.  Now that’s excitement for American soccer.  However, this may not have been the best idea.  Manchester United absolutely crushed the MLS All-Stars, scoring a healthy 5 goals against them.  The bad news:  The MLS has a long way to go before it gains international respect.  The good news:  To draw a crowd of 70,000 for an exhibition game only means that interest in the sport is growing at a healthy rate.  Manchester United 5, MLS All Stars 2.


Finally… some very sad news.  Recent NBA journeyman Lorenzen Wright was found dead yesterday.  He had been reported missing 10 days ago, and now the Memphis police department said they found an unidentified body near a wooded area 15 miles south of downtown Memphis.  It turned out to be Wright.  Throughout the day, over 200 people came to the scene to mourn including former NBA star Penny Hardaway.  He said, “I cried. The emotions hit me immediately. It’s just sad because we lost a good person and a brother”.  This is very hard news for everyone involved.

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