In the World Cup, the United States hoped to continue their miracle run.  They had a favorable match-up with Ghana, although Ghana was the team that ousted the U.S. in 2006.  Well, in their typical fashion, the U.S. gave up an early goal to Ghana.  At this point, the U.S. is accustomed to playing from behind, but it still changes your mindset and overall strategy of the game.  Early in the second half, Landon Donovan had a penalty shot, and it bounced off the goal-post and IN for the equalizing goal.  The game would even require overtime, but, unfortunately, Ghana scored a quick goal in the overtime period, forcing a tired United States to try and score another goal.  And it just didn’t happen.  Sadly, the United States made their exit from the World Cup on Saturday — but they still put themselves on the international map of soccer.  They certainly have the world’s respect.  Ghana 2, United States 1.

And on Sunday, the highly anticipated game between two soccer juggernauts — Germany and England.  England has had a lackluster Cup so far, but perhaps they could pull it together when it counted.  Well, not exactly.  Germany simply had their way with England, scoring goal after goal after goal.  The expectations were high for England entering this Cup, with some thinking they could win it all, but England just didn’t come to play in this year’s tournament, and because of that, they, like the U.S., boarded a plane back home.  Germany 4, England 1.

In the second anticipated match on Sunday, it was a battle between two great soccer nations:  Argentina and Mexico.  In these countries, life ceases to exist during the World Cup — the company shuts down and turns their TVs on.  Argentina has been on fire so far, winning all of their games.  Their head coach is former soccer great Maradona, and he was criticized by Argentina soccer enthusiasts as picking an inferior team.  Well, it looks like he knows what he’s doing, as the Argentines are surging.  And Mexico certainly wouldn’t stand in their way.  Argentina’s Carlos Tevez had two clutch goals to put Argentina up early.  It would stay that way, and now Argentina cruises into the second round, setting up an incredible match between Argentina and Germany.  Argentina 3, Mexico 1.


And in the NBA, the LeBron mystery continues, but in the meantime the New Jersey Nets intend to court Dwayne Wade.  The rumor mill has LeBron going to Chicago, Miami, or staying in Cleveland, and it looks like the Nets are hedging their bets a bit.  If they can’t get LeBron, nabbing Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as a consolation prize is a fantastic parting gift.  Of course, at this point, it’s all speculation, but it’s interesting to see these teams execute their free agent ‘wooing’ strategy.

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