The major story last night was out of the NBA.  It was a rematch of last season’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Magic were simply the better team last season, but the Cavs were hoping the addition of Shaquille O’Neal would allow them to match-up against Superman Dwight Howard.  Well, it basically worked.  Howard only put up 11 points.  Shaq, meanwhile, had 10 of his own.  And LeBron was simply outstanding, posting 36 points.  The Cavs started off slow this season, but defeating last year’s Eastern Conference Champs shows that they might just be working out the bugs.  Cleveland 102, Orlando 93.

The other featured game last night was the Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Hornets.  Surprisingly, Phoenix has looked incredible this season.  Most assumed they would be a middle of the road team, especially since they look to be doing more rebuilding than contending.  However, they look as tight as ever, and poised to take on anyone.  All-star point guard, Chris Paul, did what he could for the Hornets, but it was the balanced Suns who got the job done again.  The points were evenly distributed throughout the Suns roster, and that’s always the sign of a team with solid chemistry… a championship team if you will.  Now, the Suns are 8-1.  Phoenix 124, New Orleans 104.


Ken Griffey Jr.jpgIn baseball, the Seattle Mariners have inked their former superstar Ken Griffey Jr. to another 1-year deal.  This is more of a contract for team morale, and to sell tickets in Seattle.  Remember, the Mariners have been abysmal the last few seasons, and bringing in Griffey has at least been a call back to the Mariner glory days of the mid-90s.  Last year, Griffey was average at best, but he did a lot for the clubhouse.  He even managed to turn Ichiro Suzuki, the Mariners best player, from a recluse to a happy teammate.  That’s always good.  Griffey will turn 40 next year, but the Mariners see him as a positive good luck charm.  And maybe he’ll hit a home run every now and then.


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