In the NFL, the Washington Redskins were hoping to show the world that they’re not that bad.  Earlier this week, their head coach, Jim Zorn, lost his play-calling duties, and wouldn’t be calling the shots tonight.  Unfortunately for Washington fans, they failed to accomplish the ‘we-don’t-stink’ goal.  Within minutes, Eagles wide-receiver, DeSean Jackson, ran for a 67 yard touchdown.  And later that quarter, the Eagles intercepted a pass for a TD.  Suddenly, the Skins were down 14-0.  And from that point forth, it was all Eagles.  The Skins got a couple short touchdown passes from QB Jason Campbell, but it just wasn’t enough.  Philadelphia 27, Washington 17.

Alex SmithElsewhere in the NFL, a comeback story out of San Francisco.  A few years ago, Alex Smith was drafted #1 overall by the 49ers to be their savior.  Well, the experiment did not work out, and even this season, he was benched in favor of a previously undrafted QB in Shaun Hill.  Well, Smith came in to the second half in their game against the Texans, and absolutely shined, throwing for 3 touchdown passes.  The Niners lost the game, but Smith definitely impressed head coach Mike Singletary.  And yesterday, he was officially named the team’s starter.  Smith really wants to do well, and his tough road definitely will lead to an extremely motivated performance.  49er fans (including myself) should be excited about this!!!!


Finally, the NBA season kicks off today, and you can bet that all teams are ready.  Will the Lakers repeat?  Will the Celtics get back to the top spot?  Will LeBron win a championship for his hometown Cleveland before he becomes a free agent next summer?  Will #1 Draft Pick Blake Griffin turn out to be the superstar that everyone thought?  So many questions heading into the year.

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