It was the GOLD CUP final in soccer between the U.S. and Mexico.  Remember, Team USA is hot right now, coming off a phenomenal display in the Confederations Cup (They beat #1 Spain in the semi-finals).  So expectations were high heading into the championship game against Mexico yesterday.  Unfortunately, this game was ALL MEXICO from front to end.  The U.S. simply couldn’t get anything going, and Mexico scored goal after goal, shutting out the Americans.  A setback for Team USA, but they should rebound over the next 11 months before the WORLD CUP in South Africa.  Mexico 5, USA 0.


Joe FlaccoIn the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens continue to so suffer setbacks at the wide-receiver position.  Their #1 WR, Derrick Mason, announced his retirement a few weeks ago, giving them a huge gap at the position.  On Saturday, they brought in 30-year veteran Drew Bennett to fill the whole, and give the 2nd year quarterback Joe Flacco another weapon.  However, get this, one day after signing with Baltimore, Drew Bennett announced HIS RETIREMENT TOO!  He said when he got home from Baltimore, a previous knee injury flared up, and he knew he just couldn’t play football anymore.  That leaves the Ravens empty handed yet again.  At the same time, they may get lucky, as future Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison and all-star Anquan Boldin are still looking to play in new cities this upcoming season.


In the NBA, the Portland Trailblazers took a major step this weekend to try and become contenders.  For the past few years, the Blazers have been a “team on the rise”.  They collected a bunch of young, emerging stars and nobody knows when they are going to make the leap.  Nabbing the #5 playoff spot was a good start, but they fell under Houston’s pressure.  They’ve got all the pieces, and are now taking a page from the Denver Nuggets.

The Nuggets were a “team on the rise” too.  They had one of the league’s best players in Carmelo Anthony, and a bunch of other solid weapons, but they didn’t have a leader.  Then, last season they traded for point-guard Chauncey Billups, and he completely turned the team around.  They nabbed the #2 spot, and gave the Lakers a very tough battle.  So… the Blazers copied them, and brought in veteran point-guard Andre Miller from Philly.  Miller should finally give the Blazers the leadership they need.  He’s got an all-star in Brandon Roy to work with, and former #1 pick Greg Oden is coming into his own.  This experiment could pay off, and put the new-look Blazers back up towards the top of the Western standings.

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