It was #2 UCONN taking on #10 Marquette in a Big East rivalry.  This season, many of the top seeds have been getting upset just when they get comfortable, so all eyes were on this match-up — expecting the might to fall.  Unfortunately for Marquette, they lost one of their best players for the year.  Dominic Jones broke a bone in his foot early in the first half.  Sadly, that’s not just the end of James’ season, but also the end of his college basketball career, and perhaps his basketball career in general, as NBA scouts tend to get nervous about injured players.  After that, it was all UCONN, as their guard, A.J. Price WENT… OFF!  He had 36 points on the night.  UCONN 93, Marquette 82.


And the rest of the day’s big news came out of the NFL, as there were some very notable departures.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made their new ‘we-are-rebuilding’ image public today, releasing some very storied veterans.  They dropped wide receiver Joey Galloway, a guy who turned his career around in Tampa Bay and became a consistent deep threat.  He was even a fantasy stud a few years ago.  Next up, Warrick Dunn, a guy who came back to Tampa Bay because it’s where he started his career.  Dunn is one of those guys who just doesn’t age — a supreme athlete.  He even put up some nice numbers last season, but the Bucs want to head in a younger direction.  Most notable, however, was defensive back Derrick Brooks.  Brooks was easily the best player on the Bucs during this decade, and was of paramount importance during their Super Bowl year.  He still has a few good years left on him, but the Bucs are looking to the future.  And earlier this month the Bucs let go of their starting QB, Jeff Garcia.  They’re definitely in rebuilding mode, but look for them to be awful next season.

Elsewhere in the league, the NY Jets are parting ways with one of their storied veterans.  Laverneaus Coles, a fan favorite, and popular target for both Brett Favre and Chad Pennington before him, is leaving the Jets organization.  He too could become a solid 3rd receiver option for a team looking for some depth.  Seattle could desperately use his skills.  However, Coles has been rather injury prone in his career, and that will be a big question mark for any team thinking of signing him.

But, there was one big reward today.  The New York Giants have signed their star running back, Brandon Jacobs, to a 4-year, $25 million dollar deal. Jacobs is a bull of a running back, essentially 264 pounds of pure muscle.  He finally came out of his shell last year, and bowled over defensive lines when they needed him too, and almost guaranteed a touchdown on the goal line.  Now the Giants have put the franchise tag on him, and will run behind him on their way to another Super Bowl.


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