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An amazing finish out of the NBA.  In a Monday night showdown between the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets, the game came down to literally a tenth-of-a-second.  The Sixers Andre Iguodala put Philly up one with a free throw with just 1.8 seconds to go. Then, with no timeouts left, the Nets had to immediately inbound.  They threw it in to all-star PG Devin Harris who dribbled up to half court, had the ball deflected when attempting to shoot, got the ball back, then threw up a prayer from half court….. AND IT’S GOOD!!!  The fans in New Jersey went absolutely crazy.  But… the shot needed to be reviewed multiple times by the ref.  The final analysis was that the ball left Harris’ hand just one tenth-of-second (if not less) before the buzzer went off.  Nets win with a lot of luck.  New Jersey 98, Philadelphia 96.

In some other NBA related news, Charles Barkley, the Hall of Fame Power Forward, TNT basketball analyst, and just all around outspoken guy, pleaded guilty to his DUI charge.  Sometimes athletes will list every excuse in the book, but Barkley took it (hard) on the chin, and will now have to serve five days in jail.  But Barkley doesn’t seem to mind much, saying, “I think that a DUI is unacceptable.  That can’t happen and I’ve got to challenge other people, not just celebrities or jocks. You have to really think before getting behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking.”  Barkley will definitely keep a low profile for some time, but he’ll be back bashing the current crop of NBA players soon enough.


The Pitt Panthers once again reign supreme, as they were knighted with the #1 ranking.   And their big man, DeJuan Blair, has gone from great Big East player to one of the best players in college basketball at the moment.  It’s said he might be a first-team All American.  Well, even with Pitt on top, the featured (and much anticipated) game of the night was #3 Oklahoma v. #15 Kansas in what is always a rivalry match-up in college basketball.  Unfortunately, Oklahoma was without their best player, Blake Griffin, and thus the game lost some of its luster.  Without Griffin, the Sooners are simply a completely different team.  Their guard, Willie Warren, put up a noble 23 points, but this game belonged to Sherron Collins and TyShawn Taylor of Kansas who EACH put up 26 points.  With the win, Kansas moves to the top spot in the Big 12, and Oklahoma will inevitably slide a little more in the rankings.  Kansas 87, Oklahoma 78.


Finally, a trade out of the NFL. It appears that Minnesota Vikings are close to a deal with Houston Texans back-up QB Sage Rosenfels.  Rosenfels played a few pretty decent games for the Texans this year during Matt Schaub’s injury stretch, but he’s most famous this season for the colossal choke-job against the Colts.  The Texans had the game locked up, and basically just needed to avoid making a major mistake.  However, in the game’s closing minutes, Sage Rosenfels had three turnovers, and allowed the Colts to execute a miracle rally.   So, the Texans were probably happy to get some draft picks from the Vikings in exchange.  And the Vikes are probably happy to have a serviceable quarterback as opposed to Tavaris Jackson or (Old Man) Gus Frerotte.

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