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It’s official, Ken Griffey Jr.’s career is coming full circle, and he’ll finish his baseball life in Seattle where it all started.  Granted Griffey was plagued by injuries in the second half of his career, but his presence alone should do wonders to Seattle’s morale.  The Mariners finished last season with the second worst record in the league, and they need any asset they can get to turn this franchise around.  And who knows, perhaps Griffey makes a full blown comeback next season, and returns to all-star prominence.  Either way, Seattle is truly ecstatic.


The Phoenix Suns did it AGAIN.  Earlier this week, they destroyed the Los Angeles Clippers 140-100 in their first game under new coach Alvin Gentry.  Now… the Clippers would get a chance to avenge that loss on their home court.  To allow 140 points in only four quarters is simply embarrassing and a brazen display that their defense has no idea what it’s doing.  Well, unfortunately for the Clips, the Suns put up 140 yet again.  Actually, even worse… 142.  This essentially documents the fact that Phoenix can score 140 or more points on the Clippers whenever they want.  It’s a given at this point.  Amare Stoudamire led the way with 42 points, and the Suns continue to heat up.  Phoenix 142, LA Clippers 119.

Elsewhere in the NBA, a very funny story over a trade.  Earlier this week, the New Orleans Hornets, in an effort to cut cap space, shipped Tyson Chandler off to Oklahoma City.  He freed up some decent money, but was also having a pretty bad season.  In other words, New Orleans said, “Thanks… but no thanks” to Chandler.  Well, Mr. Chandler failed his physical, and thus the trade couldn’t go through.  So Oklahoma sent him back to New Orleans.  Now, basically, Tyson Chandler is playing for a team that openly doesn’t want him.  That’s like dumping your boyfriend, moving out of his house, realizing that getting a new place is a pain, and asking to move back in for a little while.  Yeah… pretty uncomfortable.

Finally, another big trade before the NBA trade deadline.  The Sacramento Kings have sent former all-star center Brad Miller and John Salmons to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for forwards Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni.  This trade is more about freeing up cap room for both teams, and with Kings young center Spencer Hawes developing into a pretty solid player, they didn’t need to hang onto the sliding Brad Miller any more.  Plus, adding two tough forwards in Gooden and Nocioni to the team gives Sacramento a nice core group — especially with the surprising success of their guard Kevin Martin.  As for the Bulls, they just look like they’re rebuilding for the future.  Pretty sad, considering that just last season they were predicted as possible title contenders at the beginning of the season.

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