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It was time to grill Alex Rodriguez yet again on his steroid use.  And this time… it was in front of the press.  A-ROD admitted to using a drug called PED (a type of steroid).  He said that his cousin helped him administer the drug, but then claimed that neither of them knew exactly what they were doing, concluding that this shows (and thus, must prove) his ignorance on the subject.  He was essentially pleading an agent induced, “I didn’t know any better” brand of apology.  That’s not gonna cut it in the sports world.  There’s no doubt about it; his career is forever tarnished.


The Phoenix Suns played their first game under new head coach Alvin Gentry.  According to Phoenix sources, the Suns really like Gentry and want to play hard for him.  Well, they got off to a great start, toppling the Los Angeles Clippers.  And get this; the Suns scored 140 points in just four quarters.  That’s incredible.  Leandro Barbosa led the way with 24 points, and the Suns seemed poised for a mid-season surge.  Phoenix 140, LA Clippers 100.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the New Orleans Hornets have been good, albeit not as good as they were last season.  Chris Paul is, of course, playing out of his mind, but Tyson Chandler, their center, has had an awful season.  And therefore, he became a target for inevitable salary cap cuts, and was finally cut from the team yesterday.  They shipped him off to the bottom-dwelling Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Thunder stink — there’s no question, but they’ve got a nice young nucleus of Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Russell Westbrook.  Perhaps Tyson Chandler has a second wind in him, and will be the missing piece they need.


And finally, speaking of New Orleans, the roster cutting wasn’t just in the hoops world, it was on the turf too.  The New Orleans Saints also needed to get under the cap, and were forced to cut long-time Saints running-back Deuce McAlister.  Deuce was supposed to be ‘The Man’ for New Orleans, especially after Ricky Williams parted ways with the team earlier in the decade.  Unfortunately, McAlister was extremely injury prone and never really took off as a superstar running back.   He will probably be a serviceable back-up running back next season.  Now the question remains… can Reggie Bush finally become the workhorse tailback they desperately need him to be.  Or is he destined to just be, gulp… decent?

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