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Last night, it was the main event:  The NBA All-Star Game.  East meets West for a defense-free night of spectacular offense.  The West had more big guns, but the East had LeBron James.  This game also was the first time that Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’ Neal were on the same team again.  They’ve been feuding ever since Shaq left the Lakers, and Shaq wears his hatred of Kobe on his sleeve.  However, on the court they seemed quite merry, and even hooked up for some incredible plays.

LeBron James, Paul Pierce, and Dwayne Wade were the leading scorers for the East (LeBron leading the way with 20 pts), and for the West, the top dogs were Kobe Bryant and the hometown favorites Amare Stoudamire and Shaq himself (both of which received a standing ovation from the hometown Phoenix crowd).  Words can not describe the highlight reels from this game; so many dunks and alley-oops to keep track of.  Even the little point guard Chris Paul grabbed an alley-oop and slammed it home.  This game is a showcase for the fans, not serious basketball to say the least.  To check out the highlights, just click here:

And the games’ MVP… Not one, but two.  That’s right, Shaq and Kobe were co-MVP’s of the game.  Many expected these two to completely ignore each other, but they were nothing but smiles all night.  They even sat next to each other on the bench.  When you see this kind of imagery, you have to wonder how much the media played up this contentious relationship.  Sure, they have a messy past, but they might not think about this “rivalry” as much as the fans and media do.  WEST 146, EAST 119.

However, while the all-star game was definitely Phoenix’s biggest sports story this weekend, their second most notable story is the loss of their coach.  That’s right, the Suns have decided to part ways with current head coach Terry Porter.  The Suns have been underwhelming this season, and don’t look like a team that will go deep into the playoffs.  Porter will be replaced by Alvin Gentry, the assistant coach, whom the players apparently really like.  This is the second time Porter has been fired as a head coach (the other in Milwaukee), and one wonders if yet another team will give him a head coaching shot.


Yesterday was the classic DAYTONA 500.  If you win this, you will forever have respect from the NASCAR elite.  The race took place on a very muggy and rainy day, but that didn’t prevent the fans from coming out.  It got a little scary when there was a 10 car accident in the middle of the race.  But fortunately, nobody was seriously injured.   Towards the end, Matt Kenseth took the lead — and then, the rain came down.  And it had no intentions of stopping.  So the race was cut short, and Matt Kenseth was declared the default winner.  Matt has never won anything of this caliber, and to have the Daytona 500 under his belt now is truly amazing, and will most likely be the high point of his career.

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