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The all-star festivities are in full swing.

First up, it was actually a game of H-O-R-S-E.  Many had been calling for this event at all-star weekend, considering how it’s cool to see the pros play what so many (regular) people play in their own driveway.  So to kick off the event — it was Kevin Durant, O.J. Mayo, & Joe Johnson.  And this was no ordinary game of hoops.  They were hitting some things that no mere mortal could match.  And in the end, it was Kevin Durant that reigned supreme in the first annual All-Star Horse Contest.

Next up, the annual rookies vs. sophomores game, where last year’s rookies take on this year’s class.  The sophomores win every year, which makes sense because they’ve been so exposed to the rigors of the league.  But Michael Beasley and this year’s incoming class were hoping to re-write the book.  Nope.  The sophomores did their thing again, led by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant.  He scored 46 points, while Michael Beasley led the way for the rooks with 29.  We’ll see if the freshman can break the streak next year.  Sophomores 122, Freshman 116.

Then, it was time for the MAIN EVENT.  The Slam Dunk Contest.  This year was much anticipated as it had two past winners competing:  The Knicks’ Nate Robinson and The Magic’s Dwight Howard.  Last year, Dwight Howard did his now famous “Superman Dunk”, in which he put on full cape and costume and dunked from the foul line.  So this year, everyone was in anticipation of what he’d do next.  The other contestants were the Nuggets’ J.R. Smith and the Trail Blazers’ Rudy Fernandez.  But they were quickly eliminated, and it came down to the former champs.  Dwight Howard revisited his Superman costumer — this time actually entering a phone booth and transforming Clark Kent style.  Then, he brought in another basketball goal post, and dunked on an 11 FOOT RIM.  But — it wouldn’t be enough, as it was Nate Robinson who brought the house down.  He actually borrowed Dwight Howard for his final dunk, and then jumped over the 6’11 monster.  There’s never been a dunk over an actual contestant before.  The crowd loved it, and Nate Robinson took home the trophy.


The SBS Open came down to a battle between the youngster, Michelle Wie, and the veteran Angela Stanford.  This was Wie’s first professional tournament, and many had wondered how she’d fare, and to be in the top two at the very end is an extraordinary accomplishment.  But, Wie is still inexperienced at this level, and didn’t handle the pressure too well.  She had some nasty choke shots from the bunker, and Angela Stanford took this opportunity to seal up and win the match.  Wie was of course frustrated, but she has a very long career ahead of her.

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