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It’s the end of an era.  After all the pre-season gossip, followed by a trade, then a heroic season, concluded by a disappointing downfall.  Yep — Brett Favre is officially OFFICIALLY retiring from the NFL.  And the 39-year-old quarterback didn’t do it with any fanfare this time around — no gigantic media conferences.  He did it via conference call believe it or not.  The Jets said they would like to have him back, Favre said he appreciates it, but then said, “It’s time to leave”.  This marks the end of a fantastic career and a wonderful time period in football.  Plus, you had to be impressed by him this past season.  He turned a struggling Jets team around, even led them to a win against the then undefeated Tennessee Titans.  Congratulations, Brett Favre.  You will be missed.


It was time once again for the classic vicious rivalry — which some call the most heated rivalry in sports.  That’s right — #3 UNC v. #5 Duke.  And this game was played at an extremely frenetic pace.  No slow drives — just a lot of back and forth fast breaks.  Tyler Hansbrough had a great game for the Tar Heels with 17 points, but it was their guard Ty Lawson that really put on a show.  He had 25 points and five assists, as the Tar Heels take the first round of this season’s rivalry.  Rematch coming soon.  UNC 101, Duke 87.

Elsewhere in college basketball, the Syracuse Orange were looking to upset the #1 UCONN Huskies.  Coming into the game, UCONN had won 11 straight, but Syracuse has looked great this season, and some thought they could pull off the shocker.  Nope — not even close.  UCONN’s point-guard A.J. Price led the way for the Huskies with 17 points, and their dominant defensive center, Hasheem Thabeet had only 8 points, but 16 rebounds and 7 blocks.  An outstanding performance by the big guy last night.  Going into the March Madness, you have to like UCONN with a defensive powerhouse guarding the paint like that.  UCONN 63, Syracuse 49.


Newly added all-star Mo Williams looked to show off his new proud status against the Phoenix Suns.  For LeBron and the Cavs, it’s been a load off to have someone else carrying some weight for the team.  And that’s exactly what Mo Williams sets out to do every night.  He was once again amazing, scoring 29 points in the first half alone.  LeBron put up a handsome 26 points on the night, but Mo Williams continues to rack up those points, finishing with 44 for the game.  It’s safe to say that Mo Williams continues to prove that he is a bonafide all-star in this league.  It will be fun to watch him on all-star weekend.  Cleveland 109, Phoenix 92.

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