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A-Rod made it official yesterday, as he admitted to taking PED’s (steroids essentially) from 2001 – 2003.  He said he felt enormous pressure when he signed with the Texas Rangers to become the highest paid player in baseball history.  He wanted to prove that he deserved this amazing amount of cash, as well as the title of the “Highest Paid Player” in history.  He admits he was naive and says he feels terrible and guilty about the whole thing.  Finally one day he stopped when he hurt his neck, and realized that continuing to play through injury (with the aid of substances) could hurt not only the future of his career, but also his post-career — his life.  Since stopping with the substances, A-Rod has played his best baseball — winning two MVPs in that time period.


The Dallas Cowboys also made an official move yesterday, releasing Adam “PacMan” Jones from the team.  There was a lot of speculation that this would happen, and then they mentioned it publicly that they would most likely split ways due to his countless legal problems.  But yesterday, they finally threw the fish back into the water making Jones a free agent yet again.  PacMan was signed by the Cowboys last off-season, mostly as a PR move.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likes to call as much attention to his franchise in the off-season, and signing PacMan definitely gave him the media spotlight he craved.  We’ll have to see what Jerry Jones comes up with this off-season.


Some very bad news for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  They were in a rebuilding year with a young team that was getting better and better.  And at the core of this effort was Al Jefferson.  He came over in the trade for Kevin Garnett, and is emerging as one of the best players in the league.  However, it looks like the T-Wolves will be without Jefferson for the remainder of the season.  He’s out with a torn ACL.  So it looks like the T-Wolves will have to work with what they’ve got.  And now, rookie Kevin Love, will definitely get more minutes to prove why he was their top pick.

Finally, some good news for the Philadelphia 76ers, as their rookie, Marreesse Speights, had a career night against the Phoenix Suns.  He had 24 points, but more notably, was prominently featured in the line-up.  Their second year guy, Thaddeous Young, had 30 points on the night, and these two sensations look like the future of the organization.  It’s immensely satisfying for a franchise when the draft picks come to life.  But what’s even more exciting — when they mature much faster than expected.  Speights wasn’t supposed to blossom for a couple seasons, so to get this much productivity from him this soon has Philly fans psyched.  Philadelphia 108, Phoenix 91.

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