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The Celtics have been tearing through their schedule exactly like they did at the beginning of the year.  They had a quick losing skid, and have now returned to dominance.  Last night, the next team in their path — the Philadelphia 76ers.  However, the Celts were without Kevin Garnett for this one, and the Sixers had no intention of lying down and playing dead.  They got a superb game from Andre Iguodala.  He had 22 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists, and even put them up by two with 6 seconds to go.  But Ray Allen was the hero of the night.  He hit a last second 3-pointer to win the game, and give the Celtics their 12th straight game.  Boston 100, Philadelphia 99.


The Los Angeles Dodgers offered Manny Ramirez a one-year $25 million deal.  Now, in a bad economy, most of us would take $25 million dollars to work for a year.  But… not Manny.  He and his super agent, Scott Boras, rejected the offer.  Reportedly, they’re looking to get a four or five year contract at $25 million per year.  And they think that there are teams out there willing to pay the price.  Of course Manny will get a good deal of some kind, but any story where someone turns down $25 million for a 6 months of work is pretty curious.


And Mr. Gold Medals, Michael Phelps, appeared in a photo with a marijuana joint in his mouth.  He caught a lot of flack and scrutiny about the photo, and has even apologized to the country and his fans.   It was a bonehead move, but seemed like a dead issue.  Nope.  Now apparently, the South Carolina police (where Phelps was at a house party smoking ‘the mary jane pipe) are thinking about filing charges against him.  Their narcotics division is looking into the photo to determine what possible charges they could bring.  And Phelps never tried to deny the photo.  He called his behavior “regrettable”, but never imagined he would have to worry (publicly) about the law.


Finally, the Super Bowl Champions held their victory parade yesterday in what was dubbed, “The Sixburgh Parade” — that moniker celebrating the Steelers 6th Super Bowl win in franchise history.  The parade drew 300,000 people, and even students were excusing themselves from school to attend.  One 12-year-old said she had “Steeler Fever”, and needed a day off to recover.  Even the police got into the spirit, as they whipped their yellow “terrible towels” all over the place.  Arizona, on the other hand… was quiet.

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