Well, this year’s college basketball season continues to flip flop.  First UNC had the #1 ranking, then Pitt, then Wake Forest — Wake Forest lost, which propelled Duke into the top spot this week.  But the Blue Devils couldn’t rest comfortably, as they had to take on, guess who, Wake Forest last night.  It was an amazing back and forth game, and with just 3.2 seconds left on the clock, Wake Forest had a chance to win.  Everybody thought their star player Jeff Teague would get the ball, but instead they drew up the play for the unsuspecting James Johnson, he hit an easy layup, and the Demon Deacons pulled off a last second victory.  Duke will definitely lose their #1 ranking, but fortunately, unlike college football, they can make up for it in the end-of-season tournament.


The Boston Celtics looked to continue their winning streak against the Sacramento Kings.  Could the 10-36 Kings make a dent in the Celtic armor.  Um, the game was in Boston… not a chance, Sacramento.  The Celtics, of course, have their Big three players.  But in the past few games, their bench guy, Eddie House, has been absolutely on fire — especially from 3-point range.  He hit eight three pointers last night to give the Celtics an easy victory.  Plus, House is definitely the favorite to win the  3-point contest on All-Star weekend.  Boston 119, Sacramento 100.


Former Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden has publicly stated that he wants to coach again… like, NOW.  Gruden was admittedly surprised by his firing, and said he wants to get back out there right away.  He even phrased it,”Chucky wil l be back”.  For those that don’t know the reference, there was always a running joke in the NFL that Gruden resembled the killer doll from the Chucky horror movies.  Fans used to bring the dolls to the game.  Gruden was also criticized for not being able to work with young quarterbacks (and the Bucs had a lot during his tenure), but Gruden countered saying he really only got to work with one young guy, Chris Simms.  And Simms was severely injured two years ago, and never got a chance to fully develop.  However, you can bet you will see Gruden pacing the sidelines VERY soon.

Finally, as everyone knows, it’s tradition for the Super Bowl winner to go to the White House and meet the president.  It’s usually just a quick formality, shown briefly on the news several months after the big game, and that’s that.  However, with the recent Obama FRENZY, this prize is actually quite coveted by both teams.  They REALLY want to meet the president.  Both teams are vying to be the first team to meet the new president.  It’s a genuine BIG DEAL this time.

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