Some good news for Pittsburgh Steelers fans.  Apparently, the men in black will be with their star wide receiver, and long time veteran, Hines Ward for the Super Bowl.  Ward sprained his MCL in the AFC Championship against the Ravens, but he said that he couldn’t imagine NOT playing in the Super Bowl.  And for those that can’t remember — Ward was the Super Bowl MVP when the Steelers won three years ago against the Seattle Seahawks.  He’s practically their good luck charm, and having him on the field is not only good for their offense… it’s good for their morale.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it seems that even though they had a sub-par season, football fans just can’t get enough of the Dallas Cowboys.  It’s not just their football team, it’s the fact that they have many high-profile players, and their off-the-field life can be just as interesting as what they do on game day.  Take Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson for example.  The media followed them everywhere, and they became headliners for gossip magazines.  Now, it appears that someone else plans to join that fray.  Yes, that’s right, Terrell Owens is getting his own reality show on VH1.  There’s no doubt that this guy is interesting to watch, from his touchdown celebrations to his post-game interviews, to his multiple ‘tell-all’ exposes on ESPN.  Well, now those hungry for more will get just that.  It’s being dubbed as T.O. TV — Terrell Owens 24/7.  Get that Tivo ready.


We’ve got a new #1.  And this is going to sound like old times, but the Duke Blue Devils once again reign the almighty.  In the past couple seasons, Duke has been good, but not unstoppable like they were for most of the 90s and first half of this decade.  Well, now they’re back on top unseating Wake Forest (who just suffered a loss).  This has been a topsy turvy season for college basketball, as it seems that once teams get to #1, they get upset.  Thus, Duke may be #1 now, but they better not get too comfortable, because they will play the 16-1 former #1 Wake Forest Demon Deacons on Wednesday night.  And that’s a can’t miss game.


Finally, if you’re a fan of clubhouse gossip, then you’ll love Joe Torre’s new book.  Torre, as many know, was the manager of the Yankees during their World Series run, as well as their slow decline regardless of having the highest payroll in the league.  In this book, Torre calls A-Rod (the highest paid player in the league) “A-Fraud”.  Apparently, A-Rod never fit in with the team, and was jealous of the city’s absolute adoration of Derek Jeter.  According to Torre, A-Rod followed Jeter around like a puppy trying to learn from him; to study why people love him.  The book comes out on February 3rd, and, as one may have guessed, is being met by harsh backlash.  Then again, that’s always good when you’re trying to sell a memoir.

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