It was inauguration day in the nation’s capital, and even the sports world took time to stop and share.  For example, LeBron James watched the festivities from a hotel room with his kids, while Celtics star guard flew to event in person.  Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin even postponed a Super Bowl press conference one-hour so he could tune in to hear Obama speak, and Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards was one of the Americans worried about his job in this tough economic winter.


And as everybody in Washington D.C. started partying, the sports world carried on.  In college basketball, the #2 Duke Blue Devils hosted unranked N.C. State.  However, the Wolf Pack gave Duke a lot to handle.  They even led by four heading into the half.  Then again, Duke is 138-4 at home vs. unranked opponents, and they weren’t going to let N.C. put even a dent in that statistical armor.  Their star player, Gerald Henderson, played out of his mind, putting up 21 points to give Duke an electric second half surge.  Henderson is quickly becoming one of the best players in the NCAA right now, and Duke will be a major contender come March.  Duke 73, NC State 56.


It appears that Donovan McNabb isn’t entirely done with the Arizona Cardinals.  After losing by one point in the 4th quarter on Sunday, McNabb probably thought his season was over and that he wouldn’t have to deal with another Cardinals fan until next year AT LEAST.   Well, his season IS over, but AZ fans still seem to find him… in Philadelphia.  Turns out that some Cards fans vandalized his yard, hanging team flags from his trees, and posting signs that say “Go Cards” on one side, and “Beat Philly” on the other.  McNabb thought this amusing, but then noticed that they had also burned Cardinals cheers into his lawn.  That’s going too far.  The vandals were caught, and cited for misdemeanor charges.

Finally, it looks like Chargers and Jets fans will have one fewer player to root for in the Pro Bowl.  Both Brett Favre and Phillip Rivers will miss the Pro Bowl due to injuries.  Because of their injuries, Titans QB Kerry Collins will step in as the #3 QB.   He joins the Broncos Jay Cutler, and this year’s MVP, Peyton Manning.  Although, the nation’s mind is only on one game right now — and that’s the Super Bowl.  (Albeit, this year’s game will probably have much lower ratings than last year’s).

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