The Celtics are at it again.  They looked to extend their winning streak to 16 games against the (pretty good) Atlanta Hawks.  The Celtics came into this game like it was just another game on the schedule, but for the Atlanta Hawks, having their first good season in many, MANY years, this game was GIGANTIC: a chance to test their true strength against the best team in the league.  Joe Johnson put up a great game for the Hawks with 20 points, and the Hawks even led going into the 4th quarter.  But in the last minute of the game, Johnson missed a key free throw that would have given them the lead.  The Celtics hung on to win their 16th straight.  This team is absolutely on fire right now.  Boston 88, Atlanta 85.

Elsewhere in the NBA, a record was set by one of the league’s best players.  Chris Paul, point guard for the New Orleans Hornets, set the record for most consecutive games with a steal.  The record now stands at 106 games, and this is a milestone that has been in place since set by Alvin Robertson in 1986.  So with this achievement under his belt, Chris Paul is definitely beginning his campaign as the greatest point guard ever, albeit he’s got a way to go.  Paul had 19 points and 12 assists on the night, and the Hornets took care of business to beat the always-difficult Spurs.  New Orleans 90, San Antonio 83.


This weekend is shaping up to be absolutely incredible.  When making the NFL schedule, nobody knows who’s going to be good or bad at the end of the season, but every now and then you accidentally get some marquee match-ups this close to the playoffs.  In the NFC, it’ll be the first place NY Giants v. the first place Carolina Panthers.  This game could easily be the NFC Championship in a couple weeks, and it’s a rare treat to get this kind of preview this late in the season.  The Giants have been struggling lately, and the Panthers have looked fantastic.  We’ll see which team has more to prove come Sunday.

In the AFC… another incredible match-up, as the Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Tennessee Titans.  These are two of the top defenses in the league, and these squads could definitely meet for a pass to the Super Bowl in the very near future.  Question is — which team’s lagging offense will step up on Sunday?  They both look raw.  And in Tennessee’s case, there’s a chance that Vince Young just might see the field.  Probably not, but Kerry Collins has been sub-par lately, and Young could be ready.  Big emphasis on ‘could’ — ‘probably won’t’ is probably more appropriate in this case.


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