Turkey Day and Football…just doesn’t get any better (unless of course you had more intriguing games today). Football is all about tradition and today is no different. The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have always played on Thanksgiving (at least as long as I can remember). But, the last few years, the games have been somewhat disappointing (and in the Lions’ case, that’s an understatement).

12:30 pm Eastern
Tennessee Titans vs Detroit Lions
The 10-1 Titans are coming off their first loss of the season against the New York Jets, and will be gunning for the 0-11 Lions. (10-1) Titans vs (0-11) Lions…enough said!

4;15 pm Eastern
Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks

The Cowboys are always fun to watch. QB Tony Romo is back and Terrell Owens is catching passes and Seattle has the 2nd worst defense in the League, so if you’re a Dallas fan, you might see some big scores.

8:15 pm Eastern

Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles
The Cardinals/Eagles game could be the best game of the day. The whole Donovan McNabb/Coach Reid relationship could make the game more interesting, but if McNabb continues to throw interception after interception (and Reid doesn’t bench him) will go from mildy entertaining to downright laughable.


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