Monday Night Football was supposed to be a hard fought battle between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints.  Both teams were 5-5 coming into the contest, and a highly offensive game was expected.  Well, we got an offensive shootout, but it was pretty much only the Saints that were doing the shootings.  Saints quarterback Drew Brees WENT OFF, throwing for 323 yards and 4 Touchdowns.  The Packers looked like they were finally jelling last week, but now they need to re-examine themselves AGAIN.  The Saints on the other hand have quietly accrued a winning record, and could be the team that nobody wants to play in the first round come playoff time.  New Orleans 51, Green Bay 29.

Elsewhere in the NFL, even though Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was benched for his poor play, it only took him 24 hours to regain his starting job.  The Eagles play Arizona on Thanksgiving, and that’s just too short of notice to prepare back-up QB Kevin Kolb.  He’s just not ready yet.  Philly coach Andy Reid held a press conference yesterday to discuss this, and he said he wasn’t leaving until the press fully understood that McNabb is the starter.  Reid said, “I need to coach better, and Donovan needs to play better and the guys around Donovan need to play better”.  Well said, Andy.


Another one bites the dust.  Just a few days after the Oklahoma City Thunder fired their head coach, P.J. Carlesimo, the Washington Wizards have excused their head coach, Eddie Jordan.  Even though Jordan led the Wiz to the playoffs the past couple years, they started off this season 1-10.  Granted, they’re without their all-star Gilbert Arenas, and starting center Brendan Haywood, but 1-10 is 1-10.  They even lost to a Knicks team that only had 7 players available.  That’s just not acceptable.  Unfortunately, Washington needs a lot more help than just a coaching change.

Finally, General Motors Corp is parting ways with their leading pitchman, Tiger Woods.  Woods has been featured in many commercials for Buick over the past 9 years (with GM hoping it would give Buick a younger image), but now they are finally saying goodbye to Tiger.  The reason:  The economy.  They were looking to cut costs, and figured at this point in time they wouldn’t need Tiger Woods any more on the payroll.  Tiger didn’t mind however, saying he wanted more free time due to the birth of his second child.  If GM is looking for a more inexpensive endorsement — former Wizards head coach Eddie Jordan is now available.

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