It was a wild Sunday in the NFL.  Lets get right to it —

First and foremost — it was Brett Favre and the NY Jets (David) v. the undefeated Tennessee Titans (Goliath).  The Titans have been notorious for finding ways to win — even when down.  But yesterday, they didn’t have a clue.  Their super-defense has been banged up and sub-par the last couple of weeks, and it finally caught up to them.  Brett Favre threw for 224 yards and 2 TDs, and their ground game showed up to, with Lil’ Leon Washington running for 82 yards and 2 TDs himself.  The Titans unbeaten streak ends at 10, but they are still to be taken very seriously in the AFC playoffs.  NY Jets 34, Tennessee 13.

Also yesterday — the collapse of the Philadelphia Eagles.  They looked absolutely abysmal against a ferocious Baltimore Ravens team.  But this time was worse than normal, as Donovan McNabb seems to have forgotten how to play football.  Last week, he threw 3 picks, and had a key fumble in overtime; and, well… this week was no better.  He threw for a measly 59 yards, and also chucked two interceptions, and apparently that was all-she-wrote for Eagles coach Andy Reid.  He benched McNabb at the end of the first half in favor of second-year quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Unfortunately, he was no better, and the Eagles got stomped by the Ravens.  Now, their playoff hopes are pretty dim.  Baltimore 36, Philadelphia 7.

And the NY Giants headed back to where they won last year’s Super Bowl:  Arizona.  However, waiting for them — the surging Arizona Cardinals, led by 37-year old MVP candidate Kurt Warner.  This was a true test for the Cardinals, as a win would show they are a true force this season.  Well, they didn’t win, but they had a strong showing.  Warner put up big numbers again with 351 yards and 1 TD, but the Giants were just too much.  Their QB, Eil Manning, had 240 yards and 3 Touchdown passes, and Derrick Ward led their running game with 69 yards and a TD.  However, just because the Cardinals lost this contest doesn’t mean they can’t win a rematch.  A game that might just become the NFC Championship.  NY Giants 37, Arizona 29.


There was a big shake-up in the college football BCS standings.  Alabama didn’t play this weekend, and remains at #1, but even after Oklahoma’s annihilation of #2 Texas Tech, the Sooners STILL aren’t in the top 2.  They’re in the #3 spot, right behind the new #2… Texas.  Texas beat Oklahoma earlier this season, and thus rank ahead of them.  However, many are complaining that these rankings don’t make sense, especially this season because of certain incredible teams being left out of BCS games completely.  Everyone wants a playoff system, but until then — whichever team is ranked #1 and #2 on December 7th will play in the BCS Championship Game.

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