The New York Knicks are retooling.  They sent point-guard Jamal Crawford to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for forward Al Harrington.  They also shed forward Zach Randolph from their payroll by sending him to the Clippers for veterans Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley.  For the Knicks, the interesting thing about this trade is it really doesn’t have anything to with making their team better.  They are trying to free up cap room space for the exciting free agent summer of 2010.  That’s when franchise players such as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and most importantly… Lebron James come on the market.  The Knicks are willing to remain uncompetitive for a few seasons in order to land a big money franchise player.  LeBron in a Knicks uniform would mean huge dollars for the organization in terms of merchandising and international exposure.  The victim here — Knicks fans.  They’ve basically been invited to watch two boring, meaningless seasons.


One of the high profile games this weekend will be Brett Favre and the surging Jets taking on the Goliath:  The 10-0 Tennessee Titans.  Currently, the Jets sit atop the NFC East, and the Titans will have their hands full as the Jets come into town.  And many experts feel that the Titans are due — and this could be the week.


A major American city is making a bid for the 2016 Olympics.  That city — Chicago, and who do you think they got to endorse Chi-town to the Olympics committee?  None other than President-elect Barack Obama.  In a videotaped message, he asked for the city to host the Olympics, and spoke about how he was such a fan of the momentous sporting event, stating how people of so many different backgrounds can come together and compete in a common competition.


The match-up of a lifetime, as #2 Texas Tech will put it all on the line against #5 Oklahoma.  Prior to losing to Texas, Oklahoma became a strong favorite to win the National Championship, and since losing to Texas they haven’t been touched.  They are still dominating.  This game will either prove that Oklahoma’s loss was a rare fluke, or that Texas Tech is actually that incredible.  This is absolutely a can’t-miss-game.  It’s on tonight at 8:00 ET on ABC.  It’s going to be crazy.


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