The Cavs were looking to win their 9TH STRAIGHT GAME!!  They are on fire this season, and seemingly nobody can stand in their way.  However, they had yet to face Allen Iverson and the new look Detroit Pistons.  LeBron James put up 25 points (as did Cavs point guard Mo Williams), but it just wasn’t enough to stop the red-hot Pistons.  Allen Iverson led Detroit with 23 points, but the man who really seems to be running things is the aging veteran Rasheed Wallace.  For each of the last 3 seasons, everyone thought that Rasheed must be on his last legs.  Yet Rasheed looks just as good as his prime years.  He hits 3’s with ease, and is constantly considered the Pistons go-to-guy at the end of the game.  Even though Wallace can be a loud mouth trouble maker at times, you still have to applaud his diligence and admire his skill set.  Detroit 96, Cleveland 89.


The usually putrid Ball State Cardinals are undefeated this season.  This team is often marched out to be destroyed by big school opponents in front of alumni, but this season… they’re for real.  They put their perfect record on the line last night against a pretty good Central Michigan team.  Ball State trailed heading into the 4th quarter, but at the 7-minute mark, Ball State QB Nate Davis hit WR Briggs Orbson for an 11-yard touchdown strike.  Central Michigan had two chances to comeback, but they just couldn’t do it, and Ball State hung on to improve to 11-0.  Well done, guys.  Ball State 31, Central Michigan 24.


The Jacksonville Jaguars will visit the Minnesota Vikings this weekend, and for Jags Wide Receiver Troy Williamson, this has revived a long heated feud he’s had with Vikings coach Brad Childress.  To make a long story short, Troy Williamson was supposed to be the all-star replacement for Randy Moss in Minnesota.  However, he turned out to have the dropsies, and was practically a draft bust.  When Williamson’s grandmother died and his brother went into a coma, Williamson took off a game to deal with family issues.  And because of this, head coach Childress withheld Williamson’s paycheck.  This infuriated Williamson, and he said he lost all respect for his coach.  Last season Troy was traded to Jacksonville for a 6th Round Draft Pick, and now he wants to prove himself to Minnesota.  Unfortunately for Troy, he can’t play in the game because he’s injured, but he made a public report saying that he wanted to fight former coach Brad Childress on the middle of Minnesota’s field.  “I’ll fight him with my arms tied behind my back”, Williamson said.  Hey, some grudges never end.

Finally, some good news for Cowboys fans, as the NFL and Dallas owner Jerry Jones have decided to re-instate troublemaker Adam “Pac Man” Jones.  Jones was brought into Dallas to add some much needed defensive help, but he came with a HUGE risk-tag attached.  He’s paying some dividends this season, and even though he’s coming back, he still is suspended for two more games.  He’ll be back in the lineup for the Cowboys on December 7th.  At that point, they will be fighting hard for a playoff spot, and be sorely in need of his help.


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