It was a wild Monday Night Football game in Buffalo, as the Cleveland Browns traveled to town to take on the sliding Buffalo Bills.  This game marked the 2nd appearance from new Browns quarterback, and former Notre Dame heartthrob, Brady Quinn.  Quinn put up below average numbers, throwing for only 185 yards and NO touchdowns.  However, his performance wasn’t as bad as Bills QB Trent Edwards.  Edwards had a TD pass, but was also picked off 3 times.

The game pretty much belonged to the special teams, as there were a total of 7 Field Goals in the game.  However, the Bills sure were hoping there would have been eight.  And here’s why:  With 1:39 left in the game, the Cleveland Browns marched down the field, and then their kicker Phil Dawson booted a beautiful 56-YARD KICK to put the Browns up 29-27.  The Bills had one last shot, and they put THEIR kicker, Rian Lindell, out there to win the game.  However, it just wasn’t the Bills night, as Lindell’s 47-yard kick went wide-right, which put the nail in their coffin.  Now the Bills, who started the season 4-0 looking like a Super Bowl contender, have dropped to 5-5 and will struggle to make the playoffs.  Ever since the 4-year Super Bowl appearance streak – it’s now a bummer to be a Bills fan.  Cleveland 29, Buffalo 27.


In the NBA, Dallas Mavericks loud-mouth owner, Mark Cuban, has been accused of insider-trading.  In basic terms, Cuban once invested in a new search engine company called Mamma.com.  He had 600,000 shares in the company and was told via phone call that those shares would sell below the current market price.  A few hours after the call, he told his broker to SELL SELL SELL!!!  That’s… insider trading, and Cuban’s situation is very similar to what Martha Stewart got in trouble for.   Of course, an investigation is pending, and more details will come out over the next couple weeks.


A spotlight has been cast this season on Stephen Curry.  He was the star of the Cinderella Davidson team last season who ran amuck in the NCAA Tournament, and fell just a few points shy of going to the Final Four.  He could have gone pro after last season, and would have been picked relatively high, but he chose to stay in college, and has since gained national celebrity status.  This season, Davidson is ranked #20 and Curry put up 33 points in last night’s win against James Madison.  This year, teams will be gunning for Davidson as they are anything but an underdog.  Davidson 99, James Madison 64.

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